10 home improvement projects your neighbors are planning

New research has found that 69% of people in the UK are planning renovations in 2022, while one in ten plan to move in the next year.

The study, conducted by mortgage broker Boon Brokers, also revealed the top 10 home improvement trends we’ll try, including decorating a new bathroom, setting up a home office and building an extension.

Gerard Boon, Founder of Boon Brokers, says: “As of March 2020, our homes must be versatile in a way never seen before. For many of us it made it clear what we wanted from our home – which then led to the decision to move or do some renovations to get what we need.”

Research has uncovered geographic differences in the rate at which people move, with those in Southampton, London, Manchester and Birmingham most likely to move, while people in Belfast and Bristol are least likely.

It also appears that younger homeowners have a greater urge to renovate – 81% of 25-34 year olds have work planned, while almost 60% of over 65 year olds are renovating.

The top 10 home improvements people have planned for 2022 are:

  1. General renovation
  2. Laying new floors/carpets
  3. Installation of a new bathroom
  4. Installation of a new kitchen
  5. build extension
  6. Creating a hut or an extra room in the garden
  7. Conversion of an attic
  8. Creating an office
  9. Break through rooms to create more free space
  10. Conversion of a garage
    1. The most popular project we will tackle in 2022 is renovation. 37% of people choose to refresh their home without costly renovations.

      The rest of us are more willing to invest — in fact, the study found that a third (32%) of mortgage holders said they extended or rescheduled their mortgage to pay for renovations. According to the list, these homeowners will most likely be installing new floors, a new bathroom or kitchen, or an addition.

      The most popular home renovations

      Interestingly, 6th place on the list was creating an extra space in our gardens. We recently covered the rise of the dream garden in our Spring/Summer 2022 trend overview, with Stephen Pitcher, Trading Director of Garden at Homebase, commenting: “This year, as our love for our gardens continues to blossom, we will see people by they decorate their gardens in the same way they add personality to their homes.”

      Likewise, it’s not surprising that creating more open spaces within the home makes the list, as we’re seeing a growing trend towards open living – symptomatic of our desire for light and airy living spaces that allow for easier connection with family members.

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