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This list includes descriptions of graphic violence and suicide.

Recent horror movies from this month include the sleep experiment, an adaptation of the infamous Russian sleep experiment, a post-war myth that continues to dominate the creepypasta forums. The film’s release further demonstrates how creepypasta culture continues to wow horror fans, with terrifying characters like Slender Man and Jeff the Killer becoming integral figures of pop culture.

And with the release of Guillermo del Toros cabinet of curiosities This Halloween, interest in short-form horror has only increased. Revisiting some of the scariest creepypastas is a must for viewers hungry to further explore bite-sized horror stories.


Robert the doll

Much like everyone’s Annabelle doll or Chucky child’s play film, Robert the Doll was a powerful being disguised as a child’s doll. When a little boy named Robert (who later went by the name Gene) takes a liking to the doll, his entire life is based on his commands.

Even after Gene’s death, Robert can be found in Gene’s family home, sometimes even barging into the bedrooms at night with a knife in his hand. Unlike Chucky, Gene doesn’t necessarily look evil and would only pass for an innocent toy. This innocence makes his story all the more believable. No parent wants their child to keep a doll like Annabelle (the movie version) or Chucky. But Robert proves that looks can be deceiving. Still, the presence of some well-known haunted house horror tropes makes it a bit weaker than the other entries.

Jeff the killerJeff the Killer smiles

Bullying can be tough on high school students, especially when it takes a violent turn. Jeff faced a similar case of extreme bullying, to the point of having his face disfigured in a fire. With burned eyelids and pale skin, Jeff eventually took on a murderous persona, leading to a spate of murders.

While Jeff’s stories are over-saturated and some of the horrors may be too obvious, the real factor that keeps the creepypasta still relevant is his face, particularly the bloodthirsty smile that curls around his lips almost constantly.

Thin manSlenderman is standing in the forest

As the creepypasta that has inspired films and documentaries, Slenderman has impacted pop culture at a higher level than any of his kind. The original creepypasta paints him as a humanoid character in the Black Forest who stalks, stalks, kidnaps, and even brainwashes children, in particular the ill-mannered who wander into the forest.

Unlike other creepypasta characters like Jeff the Killer, Slenderman is often depicted with a faceless face. That menace only makes him creepier. Perhaps adding to the horror is the traumatizing effect of this creepypasta, leading to actual incidents of violence associated with the story’s readers. For example, Wisconsin witnessed a near-fatal stabbing of a 12-year-old girl by another girl of the same age. It seems the latter did this to appease the Slenderman!

The Russian Sleep Experiment

The patients of the Russian sleep experiment stand together

According to legend, in 1947 Soviet scientists put five inmates in a gas chamber and vowed to let them out after a 30-day experiment. The gas in question was a stimulant that would prevent her from falling asleep.

The gnarly monochrome images of the experiment’s daily progress add a touch of reality to this iconic creepypasta, with humans transforming into a sort of nocturnal mummy. The graphic depictions of self-harm, ranging from self-mutilation to self-cannibalism, are enough to unsettle the weak. Add in a few moments of excrement and faecal tossing and the disgust mounts.

The rake

The rake crouches in the dark

For those who are easily jump scared, The Rake would excite and terrify them at the same time. The titular creature is fondly reminiscent of the night creatures in survival horror movies The descentwho appear as hairless, pale-skinned humanoids that crouch on all four limbs.

What also makes the Creepypasta unique is the fact that it covers how the Rake creatures have plagued humans over the centuries, including accounts from 1691, 1880, 1964, and 2006. Each of the four journal entries offers its series of jump- Scares, preceded by some chilling atmospheric horror that proves the crouching, stealthy figure can attack people from every corner of the wild.

The expressionless

Hospital workers wearing a mannequin-like human in The Expressionless Creepypasta

As the name suggests, this creepypasta focuses on a woman with a blank mannequin-like face who is hospitalized under mysterious circumstances. When she finally smiles, she bares a row of razor-sharp teeth and massacres anyone nearby.

In contrast to a horrible face like Jeff, the mannequin figure’s lifeless facial features make the figure more realistic and intimidating. Not only are the razor blades in her mouth surprising, but sometimes even a cat comes out of her mouth, adding to the shock value. When the central character reveals himself as a god, readers will scratch their heads as to who she was and what her nature is. Were the medical staff morally corrupt and deserved to be punished by divine intervention, or was the blank woman just a sadist?

Squidward suicide

Squidward looks grumpy and screams blood

Squidward is easily one of the saddest characters in SpongeBob SquarePants, who brags about his fair share of depressing moments. The creepypasta surrounding his death is therefore quite disturbing, to say the least.

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The story focuses on a former Nickelodeon intern who reveals how someone pulled a sick prank on the studio by adding hyper-realistic violence to the first draft of an episode and even including some extremely graphic photos of the bodies of a boy and a girl. Squidward screams shivering before launching himself with a shotgun, while moments are even marked by deafening silence. Even if it’s just a creepypasta, the mere thought of the traumatized animators witnessing the depiction of blood on a children’s show is enough to induce nightmares.


Podcast graphic for Borrasca

Borrasca fell into the pantheon of well-written creepypastas and found further fame through a novella and podcast adaptation. The plot focuses on the affairs of a sleepy small town where people go missing after three friends visit a spooky tree house.

Believing the disappearance is linked to a supernatural curse, they accidentally stumble upon a much larger mystery that affects everyone in town. The unexpected plot twists and slow-burning mystery stretching over several years make Borrasca a grueling read that will test readers’ patience and then reward them with the destructive levels humanity can attain. A sequel titled Borrasca V is just as scary.

Pen pal

Cover for Dathan Auerbach's pen pal featuring a man standing in a foggy forest

Penpal is easily one of the longest creepypastas, starting on a subreddit and then eventually turning into a full-fledged novel. The haunting premise shifts from a boy’s coming of age to a childhood trauma he still inherits as an adult due to a mysterious pen pal turned stalker.

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The loss of innocence suffered by the central character at the hands of a stranger can happen to any child. Adding to the disturbing stalking and threats, the story, despite its length, intentionally leaves some open endings. Solving the riddle at the end and finding out the intentions of the titular pen pal is bound to have readers staying up at night questioning their own thoughts.


Cover art for Autopilot Creepypasta

Playing around with the concept of mental routines, Autopilot shows how the troubled protagonist finds himself in a chaotic spiral when one day his routine shatters simply because he forgets his phone. When he leaves his cell phone at home, chaos erupts at his workplace, at his daughter’s school and in his own car.

Autopilot is arguably one of the scariest creepypastas out there due to the sheer fact that everything happens in real time and without any fantasy elements whatsoever. It’s set in the real world and the storyline is as scary as can be. And since everyone can find themselves in the position of Autopilot’s protagonist, things get even scarier.

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