11 easy DIY ideas for under €10

Home renovations don’t usually come cheap and it’s easy to run up the cost even when we’re trying to stick to a budget.

According to LV, around 23% of us expect they will make improvements to the home as lockdown rules begin to ease, but tackling even just one room can cost hundreds of pounds.

However, there are many budget makeovers that need to be made, and a little goes a long way.

Whether it’s detangling cords, brightening up dark corners, or doing something to make what you have last longer, it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

We have compiled a list of 11 items that you can buy for less than €10 that will make small but noticeable changes in the interior of your home.

A little goes a long way when it comes to budget DIY jobs

Lighten tile joints

It’s a really easy way to create noticeable results in any space, and it’s often one of those tasks that we procrastinate for a long time.

The dark gray mold between the tiles in the bathroom and the tea-stained grout in the kitchen aren’t the prettiest, but they’re easy enough to fix.

A grout revival pen can be bought for £3.99 and within an hour you can have sparkling white and often mold resistant grout.

LED push lights

Wiring lights and covering cords can cost money and time, so opting for something free of both can be a quick and inexpensive alternative.

LED push lights look great under cabinets, on top of bookshelves or on top of cupboards to add a new depth to a room and they are available in many shades to match the tone of the room.

A multi-pack of 6 costs around £9.99, but if you only want two or three it’ll cost less.

cover cables

If you already have cords on the display, or the mess behind the stereo or TV is getting out of hand, it might be worth investing in something to tidy it up.

You can buy small clips for a few pounds but these only work for single or thin wires.

You can buy cord wrap sleeves for £9.99 or less and these wrap around a group of wires to give it a neater look.

If you have space or want to hide a small extension cord there are purpose made neat boxes which cost around £10 or you can cheaper co-op and look for mesh or open top boxes which can cost as little as £1.

Replacing a welcome mat

Sometimes we crave something new, so why not replace the first thing you see when you get home and buy yourself a new welcome mat.

If the one you have is perfectly fine, there’s no need to throw it away – you can rotate your favorites, giving you the choice to change them up as you please.

You have the opportunity to customize it, with unusual shapes and many colors.

Some of these can cost upwards of £10, but if you shop around you can find them for less.

Replace the plug

The rusty or blackened plug in every sink isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you walk into a hardware store, but once you’ve noticed it, you’ll notice it again and a shiny new one is cheap.

They cost around £2 and you rarely have to pay more than £5

The next time you bathe or shower, you’ll thank yourself.

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To paint

Touching up the little patches of worn or chipped paint can make a world of difference, whether it’s a wall, frame or baseboard.

If you have kids or animals there can also be scuffs or dirt that is difficult to remove, so grab a test pot of the same color, or better yet, hunt down the old can and give it a new coat of paint.

It depends on the paint you used, but even the most expensive paint shops have samples for £4.95.

towel hook

Towel hooks can be added to kitchens or bathrooms and can range in price from 99p to £10 depending on what you are looking for.

Opting for the self-adhesive sticky hooks keeps costs down and can help with organization.

The loose change can keep towels from looking messy in the bathroom, and in the kitchen, it provides an ideal place to dry.


Most people have had a leaky faucet at some point, and just like the Plig, we’re adding it to the “to-do” list.

However, the achievement is worth the £2.50 you’ll have to spend on a multipack.

all-purpose filler

A can of all purpose filler can cost as little as £2.99 and you don’t need to spend more than £5 on it.

It can be used to fill dents, cracks or holes inside your home and once dry you can paint over it.

You may need to buy a scraper, but that can cost as little as £2.31 and if you don’t have sandpaper it might cost you a few more pounds.

furniture sticker

If you want to make something that has more of a design element but still works on a budget, furniture decals are great.

Most hardware stores stock them for less than $5, and if you go to craft stores you can find many different designs – from simple black and white to a bumblebee.

This is also a great option for making changes to a child’s room.

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