14 plant shelf ideas to liven up any home

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The benefits of houseplants are many, as are plant shelving ideas. Not only do plants add a pop of vibrant color, texture, and shape to a space, they even have some health benefits. Studies show that houseplants can lower blood pressure, improve air quality, and improve overall mood. But as any plant parent knows, once a green thumb kicks into high gear, furniture and floor space for housing an ever-growing selection of greenery is quickly exhausted.

Fear not—as long as there is still vertical space, a houseplant collection can continue to thrive. A DIY plant shelf or store-bought shelves allow plants to be displayed without taking up too much space. Use the following 14 plant shelf ideas to fuel your green thumb’s creativity, then grow some more houseplants.

1. Mini Succulent Rack

Plant Shelves Ideas - Mini Succulent Shelf

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With wall space measuring just 5.5 x 7.5 inches in a sunny spot, this simple wooden plant shelf available on Etsy can display a prized succulent or other small houseplant. Place a potted plant on the handmade shelf and use the small hook underneath to hang a second hanging plant. Choose from six different wood stain colors for the pre-assembled shelf.

2. DIY Plant Shelves

Plant Shelves Ideas - Radiator Shelf

Photos: Caitlin Castelaz

Caitlin Castelaz, senior product manager at Bob Vila, faced a challenge many cat owners are familiar with: How did she keep her curious cat from jumping on the radiator and getting burned? The answer: a DIY plant shelf. The project on the left is made from a trimmed leftover board and a pair of staples. Of course, this simple plant shelf doesn’t require a cat or radiator – create your own like the complementary set Caitlin made on the right to hang anywhere some greenery is needed.

3. Windowsill shelf

Plant shelf ideas

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If you have the perfect sunny window for a houseplant but don’t have a windowsill to hold it up, then this tool-free, easy-to-install window shelf available on Etsy is the solution. Available in five sizes, the reclaimed pine shelf is held in place with small, non-scratch legs – no screws, nails, glue or suction cups required. Once in position, use it to display some small plants. You might even find that it’s your cat’s new favorite spot to sunbathe.

4. Multi-tier plant stand

Plant shelf ideas

Photo: Etsy.com

It’s a bit boho, a touch retro, a bit rustic and a lot of style. Tuck this tiered wooden plant stand, available on Etsy, into any space that needs a boost; Numerous plants can be displayed on its six shelves. The plant stand is made of weather-resistant wood, so it can also be placed outdoors on a patio or balcony. Like some of our favorite plant stands, it’s available with or without wheels.

5. DIY ladder plant shelf

Plant shelf ideas

Photo: Ohoh Blog for Bob Vila

With an open afternoon, a few 1×6 boards, and basic tools, you can create a ladder plant stand to display multiple green pots together. This is a great project for a DIY newbie, but it will still cause lots of oohs and aahs after sharing photos of the finished plant ladder online. Prop it up against an open wall near a window and place one or two houseplants in each of the three wire baskets for maximum effect.

6. Hexagonal floating shelves

Plant shelf ideas

Photo: Etsy.com

Transform a section of wall into a personal honeycomb with unique interlocking hexagonal floating plant shelves available on Etsy. The design is retro yet modern and will add a lot of flair to any room. The shelves are 3.5 inches deep so they can hold small plants or other curios. Each wooden unit is custom made in six finishes and several different configurations.

7. DIY window plant shelf

Plant Shelf Ideas - DIY window plant shelf

Photo: Kathleen Corlett

Kathleen Corlett, Editor-in-Chief at Bob Vila, designed this handy DIY window plant shelf that fits right into the existing window frame. “For my plant shelf, I took some 6” wide boards left over from an old project and stained them to match the color of my window trim. To attach the bottom shelf, I cut a dado (a rectangular slot) in each side of the window frame, then slid the shelf into place and secured with wood glue and finishing nails.”

8. Minimalist floating plant shelf

Plant shelf ideas

Photo: Etsy.com

For a no-frills, minimalist interior style, these simple round wooden floating shelves available on Etsy are the perfect touch to home decor. Crafted from oak with a beeswax polish, the shelves anchor to the wall with no obvious fixings, giving it a floating appearance. It’s an especially effective way to display an eye-catching succulent or cactus, or to fill the shelf with a favorite foliage plant. Choose from four different sizes. All include the necessary wall plugs and screws and hanging instructions.

9. Farmhouse Plant Bank

Plant shelf ideas

Photo: Etsy.com

This rustic plant bench with hairpin legs, available on Etsy, is perfect for the modern farmhouse, and it also pairs well with any casual or rustic decor style—especially when it displays a few houseplants in attractive containers. The 29.5″ by 11.25″ bench is handcrafted from pine and steel and is available in eight different wood finishes and six different lengths.

10. DIY pipe rack for plants

Plant Shelves Ideas - Tubular steel shelving

Photo: Jenny Stanley

Jenny Stanley, Editor-in-Chief at Bob Vila, designed this contemporary yet rustic plant stand. “I built two shelves like this for my kitchen renovation a few years ago and they loved it so much I needed more. First I cut, sanded and finished a 1×8 board to match my kitchen shelves and then I mounted two pipe flanges to wall studs. The brackets are 1/2″ tubing cut to 8” and threaded on both ends making assembly super easy. I added pipe caps to the exposed ends and screwed pipe ties under the wood shelf to hold it in place. I love how the shelves in my kitchen and this one in the living room go together. It really helps to tie the rooms together.”

11. IKEA hack greenhouse kit

Plant shelf ideas

Photo: Etsy.com

If you’re serious about both your houseplants and your IKEA, combine the two by turning an IKEA MILSBO glass door cabinet into a small indoor greenhouse. After purchasing the IKEA cabinet, this handy greenhouse conversion kit, available on Etsy, can be used to start the conversion. The kit includes grow lights, shelves, fans, and various fasteners to complete the project. IKEA furniture hacks like this aren’t just popular for Instagram bragging rights, they also provide a handy place to grow herbs, plant seeds, or display houseplants.

12. DIY Corner Plant Stand

Plant shelf ideas

Photo: Ohoh Deco for Bob Vila

Corners are often wasted real estate when it comes to decoration. But why not use this space to display some houseplants? A simple DIY plant stand can add greenery to any neglected corner. No elaborate materials are required either – just a few small pieces of wood and basic tools. The project can be assembled in an afternoon and demonstrated the same evening.

13. Four Tier Hanging Shelf

Plant shelf ideas

Photo: Etsy.com

Houseplants are like potato chips: one won’t. Display a growing indoor collection with this four-tier wooden plant stand, available on Etsy. It includes hanging hooks and drywall anchors so it can be easily positioned to hang in front of a window for maximum sun exposure. Alternatively, you can use it to decorate a wall that needs a little something extra. Choose from seven wood stain colors and 10 different shelf sizes.

14. Wrought Iron Plant Brackets

Plant shelf ideas

Photo: Amazon.com

Enclose plant containers with a wrought iron ring attached to a sturdy bracket. Available on Amazon, these plant supports – a set of 3 – can be hung anywhere you want to display some greenery, whether it’s indoors or on a patio or balcony. Each of the brackets can hold a flower pot up to 5 7/16 inch in diameter. The brackets are also available in five other sizes and, thanks to their simple design, fit in with almost any furnishing concept.

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