2022 remodeling trends: Home improvements you’ll see everywhere next year


In 2021, for the second year in a row, a pandemic continued to sweep the world, keeping many of us confined to our homes. All that time inside has given homeowners plenty of time to think about what they want to change about their home: where more space is needed, what upgrades are must-haves, and how to do it all on a sometimes tight budget.

This list of trends for 2022 is inspired by the need for our current spaces to become a touch of everything. It’s a place to work, go to virtual classes, and entertain guests while social distancing, while remaining a cozy home with corners for some well-deserved privacy.

1. Sustainability everywhere

Remodeling trends solar panels


Environmental issues have permeated the collective American consciousness as more intense weather patterns and changes in nature’s cycles begin to affect our daily lives. So it’s no wonder so many are looking for more sustainable, eco-friendly products and techniques for their homes.

Expect landscaping that beautifies and protects, especially in areas prone to wildfire or flooding, and brick or stone perimeter walls. Inside the home, it is predicted that reclaimed flooring will become increasingly popular. In addition, there is increasing attention to sustainable options such as bamboo or cork. Look for rooftop solar panels, which are even more eco-friendly.

2. Security features inside and out

Remodeling trends generator for the whole house


Pandemic troubles have meant staying at home quite a bit, and that often led to insights into home safety. HVAC units with whole-home air filtration systems or antimicrobial tiles may become more common.

Many households today have several generations under one roof and that means dealing with the difficulties of older people in their daily lives. To that end, expect many people to renovate their aging-in-place homes, complete with roll-in showers, grab bars, and non-slip floors.

Outside the home, there has been an increased demand for things that protect us indoors, such as: B. Emergency generators. Demand for generator installation is expected to grow nearly 6 percent through 2026.

3. Multifunctional rooms

Remodeling trends work from home


Adults working from home and children studying in virtual school often meant many people were fighting for the same work or study space in one home. Therefore, multifunctional spaces are a trend to watch in 2022. These are spaces that double as study spaces and workspaces, complete with zoom facilities and comfortable seating with central charging stations as a must-have feature.

Kitchen islands have served as both breakfast bars and classrooms, so expect the trend to be creating dedicated nooks for each function. If you decide to sell the property later, the return on investment for a small kitchen remodel can be very attractive. The trend could also extend to furniture, with transformable desks and fitness machines that allow people to work and exercise at the same time.

4. Bathrooms that feel like spas

Master bathroom remodeling trends


Spending more time at home with other family members can mean a lack of privacy, and that can lead to frustration. Those looking for privacy in a crowded home could try increasing their bathroom space even more.

Look for luxe and practical changes, like built-in storage units in the bathroom cabinets, deep sinks, and better bathroom lighting ideas (including ones with a twist—think bathroom chandeliers). And, of course, sturdy locks to keep that well-deserved bubble bath all to yourself.

5. Outside Areas

Outdoor remodeling trends


Those looking to entertain during the pandemic have often found the only way to do so is outdoors. Social distancing has helped drive demand for outdoor space in 2021, and that trend shows no signs of slowing.

Homeowners focus on their patios, decks, and outdoor kitchens as places to relax outside of the walls of the home. Also, staying at home during the pandemic has led to a significant increase in gardening, both growing produce for cooking and ornamental plants to beautify the home.

6. Mudrooms or transitional spaces

Remodeling trends mudroom


If you want plenty of space to play outside, there needs to be an area that flows back into the house. This is where a mudroom becomes a practical space. The trend includes mudrooms or “drop zones” with ample storage for shoes and coats, deep sinks or wash stations for overzealous pets, or even showers for people.
Depending on the mudroom’s location, it could also include a landing pad for parcel or grocery deliveries if it’s on the side of the house or part of a remodeled garage.

7. Go retro

Remodeling trends vintage furniture


Supply shortages have been an unfortunate reality for a variety of industries in 2021, and the home improvement world has been no exception. From the scarcity of certain paint colors to the inability to get new furniture delivered on time, many homeowners have turned to other options to freshen up their home. The result is a newfound love for retro style.

Local flea markets, flea markets, and antique stores are great places to get that perfect vintage feel. One-offs or ones that have been upcycled with new upholstery or paint are ideal for a lived-in look at a fraction of the price of something new. Vintage items in a home also support the important themes of sustainability and eco-friendliness.

8. Unique kitchen configurations

Remodeling trends for large kitchens


While the open concept of a home may be disappearing, transforming the kitchen into a multipurpose space is definitely a trend that isn’t going away anytime soon. To that end, many homeowners choose to have two kitchen islands: one for entertaining and meal prep, and the other for school, work, and everything else.

While any type of kitchen remodel can offer a strong return on investment, two kitchen islands catapult a basic mid-range kitchen into high-end territory in a carefully balanced aesthetic.

9. More attention to storage

Conversion trends more storage space


Minimalism has been around for many decades, and the benefits of decluttering have become legend. As Marie Kondo asks, does it trigger joy? If not, maybe you shouldn’t have it. The solution for many is better storage of the things they don’t want to see every day but can’t part with.

Kitchen cabinets with pull out shelves, appliance garages, bathroom cabinets configured to hold all small hair care and hygiene essentials, shelves and hooks in entryways, and under bed storage with smooth-running drawers are options for hiding things and streamline the look of a room.

10. The Ministry of the Interior

Home office conversion trends


Home offices have grown in popularity over the years, but their importance has really been felt during the pandemic. With an unprecedented number of workers logging into work from their couches, a more ideal scenario of a proper home office with a lockable door and a dedicated phone line has become a serious goal for home renovations. This trend will surely result in converting many guest rooms or even empty spaces above the garage into a dedicated work space.

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