21 aesthetic room ideas 2022

Jasmine Roth, Sarah Sherman Samuel

I don’t know the actual stats, but I’d bet we’re spending a Celebration fraction of our lives in our bedrooms. Like hundreds and hundreds of hours. For many of us, it’s more than just our place to sleep—it doubles as an office, workout studio, screening room, and dining room (that’s your reminder to take those wine glasses to the kitchen sink!). No matter how you slice it, your bedroom is your sanctuary, and damned if it doesn’t deserve to be treated as such.

That’s why I firmly believe that your bedroom deserves as much care as anything else in your life. It should feel like the coolest place you can imagine – a space that feels great and comfortable, where you can do your best and be your best self. Basically, it is designed to bring your personal Pinterest board to life. And it’s really not that hard to make it happen!

Here is a curated list of 21 aesthetic room ideas to inspire you on your BBOAT (Best Bedroom Ever) journey. Flip through bedroom decor ideas from some of your favorite interior designers, along with tips on how to bring their style into your own room. No matter how chic they look, I promise you can ~get the look~ with just a little effort. Next you will attack the whole damn house.

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Do you have a bare wall behind your bed (or elsewhere) and don’t know what to fill it with? It’s time to groove with a gallery wall. Start by acquiring some of your favorite prints—photographs and artwork both work great—then get to framing. It can be fun to vary the size of the prints and the types/colors of the frames, but it’s up to you! Before you start banging your hammer and nails, I recommend laying out your design on the ground first — it may take a bit of rearranging to find the perfect setup. (And if you’re like me and always guess your decisions when in doubt, you might want to invest in photo hanging strips instead of nails.)

I firmly believe that the more stools you have in a room, the better. This also applies to stools and poufs. And that’s a hill I’m willing to die on. I mean, not only can you buy stools that look like real works of art (like the ones in this photo by designer Sarah Sherman Samuel), but they also serve so many different purposes. You can use them to A. rest your booty, B. rest your feet, and C. rest your bag when you get home at the end of the day. Go stool!


Two words: fuzzy. bedding.

Maybe you’re having a shitty day. But knowing that at the end of the day you have a bed like this can make everything better. Get cozy with a duvet set, or simply add a touch of fur with a blanket or throw pillow. Either way, you’ll feel like you’re in the clouds.


Hang a tapestry.

Who says art has to be on a canvas?! Eye-catching pieces like this macrame wall hanging can make an important statement in a room and draw the eye upwards. I recommend looking for one on Etsy – there are so many different options and you can support a small business owner!

Gorgeous, gorgeous bedrooms have headboards that don’t end where your mattress ends. Elongated headboards like this one, created by designer Emily Henderson, can add extra color and texture to the room and make your bed the star of the show.


Bless your bare feet with a soft carpet.

There’s nothing worse than getting cold feet – literally. A fluffy rug under your bed makes sure your feet are cozy before you head into the hay and when you get up to face the day. But nobody likes that barefoot feeling on the cold ground.


Mix and match neutrals.

You know how people on TikTok are always talking about the “clean girl aesthetic”? That generally just means they mix and match neutrals with even more neutrals—and honestly, it always looks damn good. Do the same in your bedroom by keeping everything a shade of white, black, gray or brown. Oh, and keep it really clean. That helps too.


Throw in some ~personal~ pillows.

Remember the time Antoni Porovsky told someone about this strange eye, “A mac and cheese is something that can be so personal…”? Well, I’m about to say something equally heartfelt and somewhat corny (ha): A throw pillow is something that can actually be so personal. But really! It can! You can buy a pillow with pretty much any design on it (check Etsy if you don’t believe me) so you can decorate your sleeping space with the things that matter most to you.

The phrase “the more the merrier” is never more accurate than when referring to plant babies. Not only do they look beautiful and add color, but live plants can help bring much-needed oxygen to the space. Pro tip from a longtime plant mom (ahem, me): Head to Trader Joe’s for cheap but actually healthy live plants and IKEA for cheap but actually real-looking fake plants.

If you want to add interest to your bedroom (in a good way, of course), start playing with shapes. If your furniture and decor are all straight lines, throw in some rounded edges or a squiggle piece. Combining shapes adds more visual interest – and if you stick to similar colors and patterns you’ll be balanced and beautiful bb.


~Shorten~ your bed with a fancy suitcase.

You know those chests you see in antique shops (or in your grandma’s attic) that you think are so fancy, but you just don’t know what you would use them for? Here’s exactly what you’ll do the next time you find someone you love. Step One: Buy (or steal from Grandma). Step Two: Fill it with all of your extra linens. Step Three: Put it at the end of your bed. Step Four: Admire it every night before you go to bed.


Create a space for self-care.

Taking care of yourself can mean taking time out, journaling, trying a new makeup routine, or soothing your tired eye area with a gua sha. Whatever it means to you, designate a place for it in your bedroom. I love this little corner by designer Justina Blakeney that she decorated with lots of plants, fun mirrors and an adorable rolling stool.

I will repeat this forever: Do. Don’t. May be. Concerned. To. Mix. Pattern. In outfits and in interior design. Not all patterns will look good together, but you’ll never know until you try. Try a polka dot with a stripe or a chevron with a floral pattern. The chances that you are possessed are high, my friends, high!


Turn a wall into a masterpiece.

If you have a bare wall, think of it as a blank canvas. When you’re feeling confident in your own painting skills, grab a brush (and maybe a template) and get creative. If you’re a little less Picasso, pick a design and hire a professional (or bribe an artistic friend) to come along and work their magic. Statement wall, here you come.


Upgrade your bed frame.

If you’re still clinging to the bed frame your parents bought you in middle school (and then lugged it to college and your first “real” home), it might be time for an upgrade. A raised bed frame can be the centerpiece of a bedroom — like this one designed by Elle Decor A-List designer Ashe Leandro — and even help you sleep better.


Stick to white on white on white.

If you can keep it clean, there’s nothing dreamier than a room decorated all in white. Invest in a cloudy white comforter, crisp white linens, and crisp white curtains, and you’ll feel like you’re in a five-star hotel any night of the week.


Hang a statement light.

Lighting is everything. Point. And unless you have great natural light (I’m looking at you, city-dweller), you need to get your brightness in other ways. Pendant lamps can cover a lot of ground, and a statement style (like these rattan pendants designed by star designer Orlando Soria) can make a room feel a lot more $$$ than it is.


To the earthy elements.

If there’s one design trend that has had a stranglehold on the 2020s, it’s rattan. And it’s not going anywhere any time soon. Jump in by incorporating your favorite rattan piece (like the Canyon headboard shown here) into your bedroom and pairing it with other earthy accessories. Don’t be afraid to mix wood colors – they mix better than you might think.

If you have a bucket of leftover paint just chilling in a closet somewhere, then boy do I ever have a project for you? With just a brush and tape measure, you can fake dimension anywhere by painting an arc (behind the bed and around a door frame are two popular spots!). Not only is it cheap, but it’s so damn cool and easy. What if you don’t trust your shaky hands? You can buy a peel and stick sheet sticker instead.

So many people dread wallpaper, but it’s one of the easiest ways to make a big statement in a room, no matter the size. Start small and add a pattern to just one wall, or go all out and smooth it over any empty space. If you’re a renter (or have bonding issues), fear not: there’s removable wallpaper, and it’s pretty damn easy to install and take down


Separate your sleeping area.

Remember when you were a kid and asked your parents to leave you a canopy over your bed? And then you felt like a princess every night when you go to sleep, although now you look back it kind of just looked like a mosquito net? (I know I can’t be alone with this.) Well, curtaining off your bed is the 2022 version of a canopy, and it’s obviously far classier.

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