22 brilliant quick renovation ideas to instantly upgrade your home

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Planning how to renovate your home on budget can be incredibly stressful. From which area of ​​your home is worth the high renovation cost to how long you have to wait for materials, improving your home shouldn’t be a problem! Luckily we have found low lift renovation ideas that will transform your home for the better. You can decorate your walls with beautiful wallpaper or build your own designer-approved wall gallery. Or finally organize the chaos in your garage (prepare for an epic flea market) with a new closet system. If you’ve needed this New Year to work on patience after long waits for shipping, there are so many home renovation ideas just a spree or Prime away!

Breathe a sigh of relief: you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars or call a contractor for these low lift renovation hacks! You deserve to beautify your home stress-free. So, before you demolish your kitchen, try out some clever renovation tricks that will inspire you to rethink your home design.

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Replace your shower head

Replace any showerhead in your home for a resort-grade touch. This golden shower head requires one minute installation and is universal for any bathroom.

Install custom shelving in your kitchen, office, or anywhere clever storage is needed. You don’t need a new closet built with this facility.

This one addition will make your bathroom look like a luxury hotel. Towels stay nice and warm with a towel warmer. Add a chic tub tray and you’ll feel like you’re at the spa every day.


Create a statement board

Find hundreds of unique boards and ideas on the Felt Right website. The colorful designs will work just about anywhere in your home. The felt boards can serve as vignettes, places of remembrance or inspiration.


Get rid of builder quality lights

Yes, that’s a sign you should swap out your chest light for something more modern. Mitzi has amazing lighting fixtures that will brighten up your home in style.

Waiting for renovations is as boring as watching paint dry. Liven up your home with lime that will age any wall and give your home a weathered patina look.


Create an at-home cafe

Consider this low-lift makeover a gift to yourself. Your guests will be obsessed with the barista-grade cappuccinos and you’ll save countless visits to the cafe.

Save yourself trips to the grocery store with an effective bidet toilet seat that cleans, deodorizes and has custom heat settings.

Enhance your airflow with a decorative HVAC cover that shows the effort you put into designing your home, down to the last inch.


Corrall garage clutter

Sure, you can wait until spring to organize your garage, but this steel cabinet makes tidying up a breeze. Customers can also choose units to be installed on the wall.

Of course, your garage can’t be the only place you can keep things tidy. Say goodbye to your junk drawer with this expandable drawer organizer. The nice hack? You don’t have to reserve just for kitchen use! The nine compartments can work wonders in your bathroom, bedroom or office.


Upgrade your switch plates

Forget the simple light switch! All eyes will be on this elegant satin toggle switch.


Add a statement wallpaper

Easily add pattern to any room with peel and stick wallpaper. It’s a fun project, and if you’re unsure whether the room would look better with an accent wall or the full complement, you can pull them off.


Step up your oven game

If you’re frustrated with your old oven or live in an apartment, this toaster is chic and effective enough to make your favorite meals. It’s also an air fryer, so you can have it all without sacrificing more counter space.


Make your faucet smart

A smart faucet will make your time in the kitchen easier and will be your assistant when your roommates aren’t around to wash the dishes.

This Wi-Fi enabled switch increases your convenience. Cool off with the help of Alexa or Google Assistant.


Install a gallery wall

A gallery wall shows your personality and style. You can mix prints and paintings for an organic feel that tells your story.

Before you worry about installing rugs or buying a giant rug, you can design one that suits your home without waiting. Mix and match the pieces for a one-of-a-kind look your family will love.


Bring a garden indoors

Bring your new gardening concept indoors with this superfood microgreens grow kit that doubles as a decoration. The grow lights and autonomous watering ensure that your green fingers thrive.


Add a wall light without rewiring

Sometimes the best idea is as simple as plugging in a wall light. The metal mesh shade of this swing arm lamp adds a modern touch wherever you install it.


Give your buttons a glow

Say goodbye to boring build quality knobs with an easily replaceable brass backplate.

Display your best bottles with these elegant shelves.

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