4 Home Improvements To Beautify Your Kitchen (Plus Tips For Hiring A Pro)

Your kitchen is one of the most used and visible places in your home, so even the smallest, fastest, and most affordable upgrades can pay off.

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Need ideas for some spruces to tackle? Here are four easy-to-do-it-yourself tutorials—plus expert tips to keep your larger, pro-led projects running smoothly. (Tip: Go with a major retailer that stands by their professionals and their products, like BJ’s Wholesale Club.)

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Replace your faucet.

Upgrading this light fixture to a striking, sculptural looking one will instantly make your kitchen feel more premium, and it’s a lot easier than you might think. First, close the valves under your sink to shut off the water, says Jeff Crippen, a home improvement expert at BJ. Next, screw on the hot and cold water supply lines and disconnect the faucet from the countertop. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install and connect the new faucet to the plumbing, and then test it by turning on the water to make sure no water is leaking. (Extra credit: Install a water filtration system, too, and you’ll never have to buy bottled water again.)

Give your backsplash a redo.

“A new splashback dramatically changes the look of a kitchen,” says Crippen, and self-adhesive metal makes this update a breeze. All you have to do is cut the metal tiles to the right size for your wall space and then attach them with the pre-applied adhesive.

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Change your lighting.

It’s one of the easiest and most overlooked updates, but lighting improvements can have a big impact in a kitchen. (If you can hang a picture on the wall, you can.) Install LED lights under your cabinets to make prep and cooking easier – all you need is double-sided tape or small screws! – or swap out your regular lightbulbs for moody vintage style or smart lightbulbs that you can control wirelessly from your phone.

Update the hardware.

Knobs and handles are the kind of things you don’t really notice — until you’ve got nice and smooth ones, and then they do the whole room. “It’s so easy and takes just a moment to unscrew or pull a knob and install a new one,” says Crippen. Plus, it’s super inexpensive; Many home stores carry a range of styles, each starting at around $12. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

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And if you want a major update…

Nail down a licensed contractor.

When you’re spending the money on home improvement, “you want to make sure you’re hiring a reputable professional who is properly licensed, vetted, insured, and bonded,” says Crippen. “When you book a project with BJ’s Wholesale Club, you not only get a contractor behind the work, you also get a company.” In fact, as part of its Member Pledge, BJ’s surveys each client once their project is complete about performance of the contractor and if you are not satisfied they will raise the issue.

Select projects with benefits.

According to Crippen, it’s a good idea to prioritize kitchen updates that increase your home’s resale value or provide another type of return (like reducing your energy bills). New windows, for example, “not only add beauty, but can greatly impact your home’s energy efficiency, lower your bills, and increase UV protection to prevent your furniture from fading prematurely,” he says. A new floor covering is also a good move, especially if the type in the kitchen is currently different from the flooring in the rest of the house – the unification can make your entire home feel bigger. And while a complete kitchen remodel “isn’t usually cost-effective because it generally doesn’t return its value,” adds Crippen, “remodeling cabinets, swapping out countertops, and updating appliances are all smart ways to change the look of a kitchen.” to change the kitchen. ”

Get an expert opinion on home appliances.

The most common mistake people make when updating their kitchens is choosing the wrong size appliances, says Crippen. “It’s important to make sure the gadgets you choose fit in the space that your old gadgets have taken.” An expert can ensure you’re measuring accurately and that you’re aware of any other improvements you might make have to do. “For example, if your new oven has a built-in grill, you’ll probably need to add a range hood.” Ordering your appliances from BJ’s Wholesale Club can also save you money: Members get up to 20 percent off major Whirlpool appliances, inclusive free delivery and installation.

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