5 decorating tips to keep your home cool in the summer

With searing heat waves, cool cotton clothing and the temptation to turn on the air conditioning, summer is already here and you may be looking for ways to keep yourself and those around you cool and calm. Staying in an air-conditioned room all the time is a sure-fire way to protect yourself from all that sweaty and sweltering summer heat, but it can skyrocket your electric bills in no time! What if we told you that there are plenty of ways to keep your home cool naturally without breaking a hole in your pocket? Yes, here we bring you effortless and budget-friendly tips to make your apartment a freezing paradise during the summer season.

  1. Get blackout curtains home

Blackout curtains are made of heavy, layered fabric and their basic motive is to block the light from coming inside. These curtains naturally insulate rooms by preventing sunlight from entering the interior. You can choose a neutral color that has plastic sheets attached to reduce the entry of sunlight by up to 33 percent.

  1. Change your leaves

Changing your linens seasonally is not only an incredible way to freshen up your room, but also a versatile way to keep it cool. While flannel and fleece materials are great options for some much-needed insulation, cotton is also a budget-friendly and smart choice for keeping your bedding breathable and cool. You can also complement your bedding with a buckwheat pillow as these pillows don’t trap your body heat like any other pillow and therefore keep you light, fresh and happy.

Change your leaves

  1. A chillow is required

Placing a chillow under your head is another great way to cool off. You can also place a chilled gum bottle behind your back or at your feet for instant cooling. And it might sound bizarre, but if you dampen your sheets a bit or store them in the freezer before use, that freezing cold feeling will last all day.

  1. Nocturnal night with the night air inside

Sometimes the straw-hot months even allow the temperature to drop during the night. What you can do is “open the windows before you go to bed to keep yourself refreshed all night.” Be sure to close the windows before the morning sunlight and heat take over.

  1. Say goodbye to incandescent bulbs

Turning off the normal lighting provided by CFLs or compact fluorescent bulbs or bulbs is one of the clever techniques to enhance your decor while saying goodbye to the unnecessary heat in your home. Not only sunlight, but also incandescent bulbs give off heat, causing the room to get warm and sizzling. So getting them out of your house will make a big difference in keeping your apartment cool and it will also make big savings on your electricity bills. What’s not to love?


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