5 ideas for investing in the world around you

Create common common areas
Almost every community can benefit from the addition of resources that benefit multiple families. Examples include community gardens, playgrounds, parks, and locations for regular farmers’ markets, to name a few. Acquiring the space is often the biggest challenge, but if you are inspired to lead such a project, forming a committee of like-minded people can be an effective step in raising the funds to create a project that will benefit the wider community comes.

Donate to charity
Supporting the efforts of existing organizations that are helping to fill gaps in your community is another way to make a difference. Offering your time as a volunteer is an option. You can provide extra hands for relatively simple tasks like sorting through food or clothing donations, or if you have a specific skill, talent or education, donating your time and expertise can help offset administrative costs and to help the organization work more efficiently.

Financial contributions are also a meaningful way to support a worthwhile cause in your community. Writing a check may not feel as personal as actively helping, but without the support of financial donors, philanthropic organizations simply could not provide the community resources that they do.

Smart snack
When you’re thinking about how to improve your community, your eating habits might not be on your radar. However, what you eat has a major impact on the community in more ways than one. Because of this, you hear a lot about sustainability in food production, which affects the environment along the food supply chain in a variety of ways, from air pollution to waste and energy use. By choosing ingredients and foods that minimize environmental impact, you can show food manufacturers that consumers want responsibly sourced and manufactured products.

An example are Airly Oat Cloud Crackers; Each box explains how many grams of carbon dioxide you are helping remove from the air by supporting an innovative farming technique that makes agriculture a solution to climate change, not a contributor. Sustainable can also be delicious. All four flavors (Cheddar, Sea Salt, Chocolate and Salted Caramel) are made with real, wholesome and 100% delicious ingredients for filling, convenient snacks anytime.

Support local businesses
In recent years in particular, local businesses have struggled hard to stay open, change their services, adapt with the times and generally try to keep themselves and their local employees afloat. When you reward those efforts by shopping at their stores and using their services, your money stays in the local community while your friends and neighbors stay busy. Aside from these benefits, there are practical advantages to doing your shopping locally, such as: B. lower emissions and less energy consumption for transportation to and from the store or store.

Clean up public spaces
Beautification projects not only make your community a more welcoming place, they can even be good for the earth. Removing litter allows natural vegetation and wildlife to thrive, reduces health risks, and promotes safety by sending a clear message that the community cares about their habitat.

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