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Dhaka University (DU), the oldest university in Bangladesh, held its 53rd convocation in a festive mood on Saturday with the attendance of 30,348 graduates and researchers on its campus.

President Abdul Hamid, also Chancellor of the University, presided over the gala event in the central playground, while French Nobel laureate Dr. Jean Tirole took part in the program as a speaker.

The university wore a festive look as thousands of students in graduation gowns joined the gathering with smiles.

It was a day of laughter, hugs and celebrations for the students and most importantly pride for the Dhaka University students as they reached a milestone in their lives.

The convening ceremony from two venues – Dhaka College and Eden Mohila College – was attended by seven DU affiliated colleges via video conference.

Of the participants, a total of 22,287 students attended the Dhaka University venue and as many as 7,796 students attended the Dhaka College and Eden College venue program.

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The spokesman for the convocation, Nobel Prize winner Professor Dr. Jean Tirole, speaking at the ceremony, said graduates should develop self-confidence, a sense of responsibility and the ability to make the right decisions at the right time in order to be successful in their careers and do something for the graduates’ wellbeing.

He emphasized proper management in this regard, saying, “If you work hard according to plan, it is possible to achieve the desired goal. The Nobel Laureate commended Bangladesh for achieving exceptional achievements and progress in socio-economic development.” .

He said: “Your new degree not only brings with it many opportunities, but also some responsibilities.

“You graduated today, at a time when the world’s scientists need good policies more than ever… how can we manage the digital revolution for the benefit of society and to protect consumers, workers and citizens, how can we.” fight climate change to protect it and respect the planet and its people and finally how can we guarantee an increasingly complex financial system,” the spokesman added to the convocation.

Bangladesh has made remarkable achievements over the past 15 years and you should be proud of them, he said, adding: “The country also faces many challenges.

“You are also the generation that will face many dubious but exciting challenges… You must behave in a socially responsible manner,” he said, urging the graduate to become a better person and citizen and help build the common good.

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“Be bold and bold, be socially responsible and make the world a better place. After all, you believe in yourself, your passion and your environment will take you far,” he added.

DU VC Prof. Md Akhtaruzzaman said the university works tirelessly to support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while keeping knowledge creation in mind.

On the other hand, it has taken the necessary steps to prepare its teachers, students and researchers to adapt to the technological world order such as the fourth industrial revolution, he added.

Efforts are being made to set the roadmap for the university to move forward over the next hundred years, while taking into account the multi-faceted reality.

The master plan of the university was formulated taking into account the various academic needs for research and innovation, as well as improving the quality of education.

The Academic Development Plan, aiming to bring the academic curriculum up to date, has already been adopted, he said, adding: “A committee composed of excellent teachers and researchers from the university is working towards this goal.”

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Pro-VC (Administration) Professor Dr. Muhammad Samad and Pro-VC (Education) Prof. Dr. ASM Maksud Kamal, DU Treasurer Mamtaj Uddin Ahmed, among others, spoke on the occasion.

Among those present were cabinet members, national leaders, MPs, representatives of various diplomatic missions, members of the DU Senate and Syndicate, and researchers.

A total of 131 meritorious teachers, researchers and students were awarded 153 gold medals, 97 PhD, two DBA and 35 MPhil degrees.

In the convocation, Professor Dr. Jean Tirole was awarded an honorary doctorate.

A total of 52 people have been awarded honorary doctorates since Dhaka University began.


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