6 DIY projects you can do before summer is over


As Memorial Day rolls around each May, everyone is talking about their big plans for making the most of their summer Fridays, long weekends, and vacation times. Then, in August, most people are wondering, “Where has my summer gone?” as they stare at a list of unfinished projects.

Well, it’s not too late! The season may be coming to an end, but the daylight is still lingering long enough to create some cool projects that will brighten up your life and home.

Below we’ve rounded up some ideas to work on in the final weeks of summer so that by Labor Day you’ll be one of the proud few who have actually achieved their summer home improvement and home improvement goals.

1. Attach the spray fold

Are the walls between your cabinets and countertops bare and dull? You can easily accessorize this space with vinyl wood planks adhered to the wall to create an overlap finish that would flip Joanna Gains. Get some inspiration here, or go a little easier and buy an overlap wall decal and install it as a splashback instead!

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2. Paint the tile you hate

Most of us have that one space that desperately needs love but is constantly neglected. Often it’s a bathroom because tile is a pain to rip out and fixtures are expensive to replace (not to mention all those plumbing hassles). But there’s an easy way to give your old bathroom a light makeover with a little primer and oil-based paint. Simply scrub the old tiles to remove dirt and loose grout. Then, using some simple, inexpensive paintbrushes, apply a few coats of primer and when dry, cover with high gloss paint. It will look fresh and clean, almost as if you’ve had a complete makeover.

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3. Prepare your garden for fall

Not technically a project for this summer, but it will save you a lot of trouble in the spring and give you a head start on next year’s summer projects.

Clearing out this season’s plantings and creating a new, fresh patch of dirt will keep your soil healthy and ready for spring. That herb garden you’ve been tending has precious time to thrive anyway, so pluck what you can and then remove the rest. Cut those pretty flowers, put them in a vase and hoe the soil in which they grew. Then cover the whole soil with some compost and a layer of mulch and just let it be. You’ll be sitting nicely when the April showers hit next year.

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4. Replace those worn out outdoor cushions

Maybe it’s just one heavy-duty summer, or maybe you’ve been sitting on the same damp outdoor cushions for years. Regardless, if what you have in terms of outdoor seating is badly worn, an upgrade is due.

If you are handy and want to create your own custom look, you absolutely can make them yourself. There are a few different traditional shapes for outdoor cushions – rectangle, trapezoid, circle, etc. – so measuring can sometimes be a chore. Home Depot has a great guide here for you to follow, but the basics are as follows: measure the height, width, and depth of either your current pillows or the furniture you have. Then all you need is a fabric you love, a flat board and foam, and you’ll be sitting pretty in no time!

And of course you can always just buy new cushions in the right size and end the season.

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5. Organize your closet

Did this closet scare you? Have you put off organizing because you thought it was pointless investing in such a small space? Have no fear. There are affordable and easy ways to organize that closet and keep it looking good. Start by clearing out anything you don’t need. Then create special places by installing shoe racks and clothes rails, or just get a closet organizer kit and get to work.

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6. Replace a regular door with a barn door

Traditional doors are just so…traditional. wanna liven things up Install barn door! It’s easier than you think – follow the helpful guide here – and only takes a few days. First remove the old door, then measure the opening, cut your wood, create a pattern, paint and install. Just like that, you’re Farmer Chic.

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