6 fabulous homeymoon ideas for post-wedding romance

It’s easy to assume that COVID has ruined your honeymoon plans. With new strains popping up every two weeks (it seems) and mask requirements coming, going, and coming back, the traditional honeymoon to an exotic location might not seem possible. But contrary to what it might seem, honeymoons – even extraordinary ones – are within reach.

Honeymoon at home or “going home” can be a fantastic option for newlywed couples. Kimberly Moore, CEO and Wedding Coordinator events and bogs in East Lansing, says couples have many honeymoon options at home. As a Certified Tour Operator (CTA), Moore recommends couples “look around at the conventions and visitor bureaus wherever they are” to help find local destinations. Many visitor bureaus will even help with LGBTQ-friendly places to experience or visit in your area.

Here are six fabulous homeymoon ideas to consider:

1. Book a private sailing excursion on Lake Michigan

There is nothing more refreshing than sailing. Throw in some of your favorite beverages and you’ve got an experience to remember for a long time. SeaSun sailing charterbased in Saugatuck, offers private tours for couples and up to six passengers.

SeaSun offers three and five hour sailing experiences. During the 3-hour experience, you’ll cruise along Lake Michigan all the way to Holland. The five-hour experience adds a relaxing day at the beach. SeaSun Sailing Charters Captain and Owner Bill Bardelmeire says “most people love it” and “a lot of customers come back when they come back [Saugatuck] on holiday.” Drinks and food are not provided, but you are welcome to bring your own on board.

2. Start a home improvement project

For you HGTV queens, this one will surely satisfy your design desires. Instead of watching others’ interior design hacks, apply some of your own by taking on a home improvement project. Both you and your partner can decorate or renovate your space as a new couple. Consider it a positive step in your new journey together.

For example, paint the room you wanted to make your den. Or update your kitchen with new stainless steel appliances. Whatever you and your partner choose, take it as an opportunity for both of you to explore your creativity as newlyweds. If you need a little help with design ideas, watch some episodes of Bargain Block. and get inspired by Detroit’s very own Keith Bynum and Evan Thomas, the show’s personal and professional partners.

3. Order a romantic dinner

Sure you can have dinner together, but why not order and enjoy yourself by candlelight? For this option, choose your favorite restaurant and indulge in what you and your partner want from the menu. This isn’t the time to worry about calories or the diet you’re trying to stick to. No, this is a time of decadence and sensation. So let go of your inhibitions and live the dining experience you deserve. Create a romantic ambiance by decorating your dining room, add some music and wear whatever you want as a bonus. Create the curated romantic dinner of your dreams and let the night unfold.

4. Turn your backyard into a campsite

With a little imagination and a quick trip to your local outdoor store, you can turn your backyard into a cozy campsite. This option allows you to prepare for an out-of-town camping trip stress-free. All you and your partner need to do is pitch a tent, grab some soft pillows and blankets, pack up all your gear, and enjoy some nature together. This is also a budget-friendly experience for those looking to save, especially since most items can be found at home.

5. Visit an LGBTQ-owned brewery

You and your partner will have a lot to do hoppy because with this excursion. See what we did there? But seriously, this Homeymoon idea is for those who want to experience the behind-the-scenes world of brewing.

Check Guardian Brewing Company (GBC) is based in Saugatuck, just two miles from Lake Michigan. GBC is 100 percent LGBTQ-owned, women-owned and has 22 taps consisting of year-round, seasonal, one-off and cask-aged taps ranging from classic to contemporary. Besides beer, they also offer wine, cider and a full menu. “The whole concept behind the Guardian is that we want you to feel like you can relax and enjoy your time,” says owner Kim Collins. GBC also offers their monthly beer school and private tours on request.

6. Organize a film festival at home

Want to update the typical Netflix and chill? How about a curated film festival for you and your partner? First, research movies you and your partner have never seen and create a queue of movies. Next, determine a location in your home for the demonstration. It can be as simple as the TV in your living room or an elaborate viewing with a projector in your bedroom. Finally, stock up on some of your favorite snacks to munch on during the screening.

Simply put, make this a fully functional experience. You may even want to include cast interviews between screenings to gain a deeper understanding of a film’s plot and characters. And to make it more LGBTQ friendly, look for movies that represent our community.

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