8 technologies for your DIY projects in 2022

Devin Partida, Editor-in-Chief at ReHack.com

Many people are planning home improvement projects for 2022, and these technologies can help you succeed. Whether you’re shopping for new gear for your own project or looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves DIY, these gadgets are perfect for everything from upgrading home security to expanding the garage workspace. IoT devices and smart tools offer particularly exciting features to ring in the new year in a new home.

1. Corsair Flash Survivor USB drive

The Corsair Flash Survivor is the ultimate USB flash drive. It’s clad in aircraft-grade aluminum, which is waterproof and resistant to shock, vibration, and impact. The Flash Survivor is compatible with all major operating systems, including the latest version of Windows. It uses USB 3.0 but will also work with USB 2.0 systems, so it should be compatible with whatever computer you use to access your files.

As if the Survivor wasn’t already virtually indestructible, it also comes with a five-year warranty. This USB stick is great when you’re working on DIY projects as you don’t have to worry about it being damaged by dropped tools or parts, or even by accidentally dipping it in the sink.

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2. Incredibulb Shatterproof Silicone LED Bulb

The last thing you want when modernizing your home is a blown lightbulb. The Incredibulb was invented to eliminate the risk of glass shattering from broken lightbulbs. It features an innovative silicone plunger that easily bends and flexes while returning to its shape. Since the Incredibulb is also LED, it could last for years without ever needing to be replaced. The Incredibulb is also dead cool to the touch, making it particularly beneficial for those who have children.

3. SurfaceSoap UV Hand Sanitizer

After the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe in 2020, everyone started paying much more attention to cleanliness. UV disinfectants like the handy SurfaceSoap Handheld are great for keeping the workshop and home clean and virus-free. UV sanitizers have been around for years, primarily for use in hospitals. Personal UV sanitizers have become increasingly popular since the emergence of COVID-19 due to their convenience and effectiveness. The sanitizer emits UV rays onto the surface it’s aimed at, killing 99% of bacteria and viruses.

4. myTracks app

You can find this DIY gadget on your smartphone. The myTracks GPS logger app is very useful for those working on larger home improvement projects such as: B. installing a new fence or mapping property lines. Available on Google Play Store and Apple AppStore, it is one of the top apps for landscaping projects and design.

It allows you to track a path as you walk it, e.g. B. along the perimeter of your property, with features such as elevation, distance traveled and accurate map overlays. While there are in-app microtransactions you can use to increase functionality, the app is free for its basic functionality.

5. DIY whiteboard

With DIY whiteboards, you can easily create a completely customized board for your home improvement projects. Whiteboards are great for brainstorming and working out new ideas. For example, you might be thinking about adding an extension to your home. A whiteboard allows you to experiment with different floor plans for the new extension without flipping through sheets or needing an expensive tablet. Your DIY whiteboard can be as big as you want and can be made out of wood or even cool clear plexiglass.

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6. Bosch Blaze laser range finder

The Bosch Blaze Pro is a piece of DIY technology from the home of the future. This range finder uses a laser to scan measurements to within 1/16 of an inch, up to 165 feet. If you move during the measurement, it even adjusts in real time. Small enough to fit in most pockets, the Blaze features a backlit color display that’s loaded with specialized features like calculating the square of a measurement. It’s even splash and dust resistant and tough enough to withstand the harsh conditions of any big DIY project.

7. General Tools Digital Angle Finder

The General Tools digital angle finder is perfect for DIY projects that require an accurate wood cut. Whether you’re building a new bunk bed for the kids or upgrading your back deck, the digital protractor makes it easy to accurately measure your wood supplies. It features a sliding T-bezel and LCD for quick and easy reading. The Digital Angle Finder can even save your measurements and calculate reverse angles.

8. DIY smart home security system

Smart home security systems are becoming increasingly popular. However, an IoT home security system does not have to cost a lot of money or require a professional to install. There are many affordable DIY home security systems available today that would make a great upgrade for your home in 2022. There are so many systems on the market that it’s easy to find one with just the right features for your home. Some even include 24/7 professional monitoring services or full customizability.

Your projects for 2022 made easy

DIY technology can be fun while adding new features to your home or apartment. These technologies and gadgets can make the process smoother, easier to use and pave the way for all those projects you have planned for 2022.

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