9 easy home improvement projects to keep you busy during quarantine

We’re spending a lot more time at home these days, which means it’s more important than ever that our living spaces bring us joy and comfort. But if you’re like me, you’ve started to notice — maybe even fixate — imperfections like run-down furniture and dated wallpaper.

Since you’re stuck at home anyway, now might be a good opportunity to work on a project or two that will brighten up your home and take your mind off the coronavirus pandemic. Most major hardware stores offer online ordering with curbside pickup, so getting supplies should be a breeze. And as long as you’re comfortable with a few basic tools and a brush, you can tackle these easy DIY projects.

1. Add an accent wall

A fresh coat of paint can transform a room. But if you don’t have the patience or energy to repaint an entire room, consider creating an accent wall instead.

“A quick and easy solution to making a big impact in a room is to throw a pop of color or a fun pattern on a wall,” he said Bo Keuleers, interior designer at MVA home. she recommends going with a darker color or a fun, vibrant color to add contrast to the room. If you want to get a little more advanced, use a few complementary colors and painter’s tape to incorporate blocks of color or other geometric designs.

Intimidated by color? No problem. Another alternative is to apply patterned wallpaper. “During stay-at-home ordering, it can be difficult to find someone to apply wallpaper…it’s not the easiest task to do yourself,” Keuleers said. “Fortunately, there are many alternatives, such as For example, removable wallpaper or a paperless wallpaper option (stickers on the walls to create the illusion of wallpaper) that you can easily apply yourself.”

And don’t overlook the ceiling. “It’s a blank canvas waiting to be used and an easy way to make an eye-catching impression by forcing the eye to draw upwards to an otherwise overlooked area,” Keuleers said.

2. Give your furniture a facelift

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Do you have furniture in your garage that needs a little maintenance before it can be used again? Are there items in your home that you wish looked a little less lived-in? All you need are a few basic tools to make old, drab furniture look great again, according to designer and home improvement expert Marty Basher Modular cabinets.

For a new coat of paint you will need sandpaper, cleaning solutions such as rubbing alcohol, a good quality primer and your choice of paint. “You can add new drawer handles, knobs, etc. to further upgrade the look,” Basher said. “It’s a relatively inexpensive project that’s having a big impact.” And you can probably rearrange a table or dresser in an afternoon. Here are some Inspiration for getting started.

3. Start an urban garden

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There’s a reason Millennials are obsessed with houseplants these days. Adding some greenery to your home can improve your mood, detoxify the air, and bring nature to you when you can’t get outside.

The team of garden safe suggested creating an “urban garden” with different types of lettuce, vegetables and herbs. Try to choose a creative location and container for your plants – just make sure there is adequate drainage to prevent too much moisture from building up which can cause your plants to drown or develop disease. You should also consider water and sunlight: “Plants grown in containers have different needs than plants grown in soil; Wind and sun dry out the soil much faster in containers because they are more exposed to the elements,” says Garden Safe.

4. Create a gallery wall

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If you have old photos, picture frames and artwork tucked away around your home, you can display it all with a trendy gallery wall.

Begin by arranging your pieces on the floor said Susan JamiesonFounder and Director of Bridget Beari Designs. “If you want a frame of reference, measure the wall size on your floor with painter’s tape or string to sketch your dimensions,” she suggested.

Try out a few different compositions and take photos so you can compare layouts (check Pinterest for ideas). “A general rule of thumb for displaying artwork is to hang at eye level, so keep that in mind when creating your gallery layout,” Jamieson said.

Once you find an arrangement that you like, hang the center piece first; This way, it’s easier to keep your design balanced and allocate spacing appropriately. And if you’re short on pieces to incorporate, Jamieson said, you can add some framed fabric, wallpaper, or wrapping paper to liven up the mix.

5. Repaint your front door

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Applying a fresh coat of paint to your front door is one of the easiest and quickest ways to upgrade your home Curb Appealaccording to Eamon Lynch, Director of Warranty Services Power home remodel. “With just a roller of paint, a dropper and a can of the color you want, you can refresh your entryway in a matter of hours,” he said. “I also find it helpful to use painter’s tape along the edges of the door to make sure the paint doesn’t accidentally get on the door frame where you don’t want it.”

6. Upgrade interior doors

If you’re looking to take your door design skills to the next level, Lindsay Fay, a do-it-yourself and DIY writer at A Butterfly House, suggests a simple project.

With paint and some trim, you can transform a plain closet door into a French-style door. Fay said the project only takes about three hours of active labor, although you should allow a day or two between coats of paint to allow it to fully dry. And her biggest tip: “Don’t skip the primer! It’s key to making sure your paint sticks.”

7. Paint your countertops

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If you are fed up with your plain or outdated countertops, there is no need to invest in new ones. One easy, quick, and cheap project that makes a world of difference is just painting them, said Kaylee Strozyk, the blogger behind them mom and more. “All you need is a bit of primer, some $1 acrylic paints, a sea sponge and sealer,” she said.

Following her tutorial, your counters will look like granite. “Using a sea sponge makes it almost impossible to mess up… and since acrylic paint is so cheap, you can pick just the right colors and patterns for your kitchen,” she said. Although you’ll have to glue things overnight for the primer to dry, the process is pretty quick. “Depending on how you seal it, it’s probably going to take a couple of hours max,” Strozyk added, noting that this project could take less than 24 hours from start to finish.

8. Replace the hardware on your cabinets

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Repainting cabinets can be a time-consuming project. But a quick and easy way to upgrade their looks is to swap out the hardware. You can also do this for bedside tables and dressers in the bedroom.

There are so many stylish finishes for hardware these days, such as brushed gold, matte black, and champagne bronze. “A lot of websites have a great selection of hardware, with quick delivery and at a variety of prices,” Interior Designer said Alena Capra. She suggested checking out sites like Home Depot, Wayfair, Amazon, and Lowes.

Regarding tools, Capra said you need the right screwdriver for your hardware, and if there are handles on your cabinets, a tape measure (measure the distance from the center of the screws, center to center, to know what size hardware has order).

9. Update your flooring

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Whether you’re refreshing an outdated bathroom or wanting a complete makeover of the flooring in your home, peel and stick tiles can be a stylish yet durable option that’s easy to install.

Installing peel-and-stick tile requires a few simple household items, including scissors and a tape measure, he said Lauren Noel, founder of the Home Improvement and Decor website love rebuilt.

Depending on the type of flooring you have, you may need to strip it down to the subfloor first. However, you can install peel and stick tiles directly over existing vinyl floors – just make sure the surface is free of dirt and wax.

To install sticky tiles, simply peel off the backing of the tile and place it on the floor. If necessary, use scissors to trim the tiles to fit the edges of your room. “One helpful tip: start tiling in the center of the room and work your way to the edges so the tiles are centered on the floor,” Noel said. follow this simple instructions for full instructions.


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