Alita Battle Angel 2? Why Netflix should be the streaming home for the popular sci-fi flick

Three years have passed since then Alita: Battle Angel debuted in theaters in what might be viewed by some as the worst possible time. A project developed under 20th Century Fox only to become the definitive title that the now-absorbed studio would release under its old name, this potential franchise is dormant. B. Robert Rodriguez, James Cameron and Rosa Salazar still ready to kick ass Alita: Battle Angel 2, it looks like it’s time once again to find another potential home for this franchise. Thankfully, Netflix looks like it could be the next likely streaming home for this popular sci-fi flick.

Bring Alita: Battle Angel Returning to streaming would only be the first step, as the film isn’t widely available through a subscription service right now. What could come of this action in good faith is a bright future should Netflix want to seize the opportunity to make it happen. Judging from what we’re about to discuss, it’s a smarter idea than most might think. Let’s get to the why Alita deserves a new home on Netflix.

(Image credit: 20th Century Fox)

Disney doesn’t seem keen on continuing with Alita

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