An affordable design choice transformed this boring caravan into a boutique retreat

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  • Well that’s what you call a transformation! This once rather dull and drab caravan is now a vision of color and pattern meant to inspire anyone thinking of being bolder with their choice of decorating their own small space at home. The incredible makeover of the static caravan sees a classic beige interior completely transformed with bold color ideas and bold furniture and fittings.

    Dubbed Dixie Daydream, the stunning transformation is the work of style duo The Style Producers, Diana Civil and Cassandra Doyle, who teamed up with Wayfair to overhaul the interior.

    “People often think that smaller spaces call for more restrained designs and paler colors, but we disagree,” the two say. “Adding color and pattern to even the smallest of spaces can add personality and character. By using bold colors and bold patterns, we’ve achieved maximum impact in a minimal space.’

    Colorful makeover of the static caravan

    Photo credit: Wayfair

    Of the transformation, Nadia McCowan Hill, Wayfair’s Resident Style Advisor, says: “Dixie Daydream turns a traditionally lackluster caravan design on its head and proves that even the smallest space can be an oasis of personal style if given a thoughtful makeover.”

    “Even with a maximalist ‘more is more’ scheme, we would suggest starting with a cohesive color palette,” say the stylists. “Then layer contrasting patterns and textures on top. We chose lilac, pink and mustard as key colors. We’ve complemented them with our eye-catching navy blue rug, which perfectly sums up the scheme. Being confident and generous with color is the secret of success.”

    Transformative pink painted ceiling

    static caravan makeover with pink painted ceiling and mustard yellow corner seat sofa

    Photo credit: Wayfair

    We think you’ll agree that the living space is almost indistinguishable from the drab space it was before. The project offered the duo the opportunity to unleash their creativity and bring personality to the new maximalist interior. And they certainly went to town to express themselves.

    “As stylists, we’re always excited about new finds and treasures and a bit of DIY, so what better way to channel our creativity than by transforming a static caravan into boutique accommodation like no other,” says the styling duo.

    The renovation project included hardware changes, including an upgrade to a copper sink and modern built-in fireplace, both by Wayfair. With a savvy outlook on improving when moving house, we think this project is an inspiration for those looking to remodel their own homes.

    Of all the DIY decorating ideas, the pink painted ceiling has to stand out. The screen wraps the entire caravan and shows how you can make a wow statement in a small space at a low cost.

    Pink painted kitchen

    Pink kitchen in a static caravan makeover

    Photo credit: Wayfair

    The pair show how painting kitchen cabinets can instantly improve a kitchen without having to swap out units. The brass handles are another inexpensive update.

    “As The Style Producers, we generally work to order, which means you’re somewhat limited in your personal expression,” say Cassandra & Diana of the makeover. “It was a real joy to be completely free to find furniture and decorations that we love – who wouldn’t enjoy finding beautiful furnishings to transform a caravan?”

    It makes us want to recreate a little Dixie Daydream decor in our own homes. But if you want to enjoy it as a holiday home, you can, as the Dixie Daydream static caravan is hitting the market for seaside stays. With nightly rates ranging from £180 per night (low season) to £300 per night (high season). Visit for more information.

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