Are the 1990’s visions of North Mill Pond in Portsmouth NH lost?

Portsmouth’s North Mill Pond and adjacent country is steeped in history. As this column discusses its future, we should remember that ships were once built there and its shores were a busy marshalling yard and train depot for many decades.

Jim Splaine

Prior to urban renewal in the mid-1960’s, our home was on the corner of Deer Street and Bridge Street, just to the right of Statey. My neighborhood friends and I considered our playground across the street on the shore of North Mill Pond.

Some of the finest views in Portsmouth are around North Mill Pond. Seen from the city center, the sun sets in the west over the pond in summer. So it’s no secret that these locations have been targeted by local developers, and two major plans – an apartment complex with more than 150 units and a 5-storey hotel – are under development.

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