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(41NBC/WMGT) – Bright colors, bold patterns and mismatched textures are all the rage in home design this season. Mallory Micetich, a home care expert at Angi, is here to offer us advice on how to use maximalist decor.

“If you love going big with your home decor, maximalism is for you,” Micetich said. “This design trend is all about filling your home and using items that bring you joy. Unlike most trends that aim for a specific look or a minimalist look, maximalism gives you the freedom to design your space the way you want it, mixing colours, patterns and textures to let your home express your personality perfectly reflected.”

The easiest way to incorporate maximalism into your space is to add accents to your home. Start by adding a colorful accent pillow or two to your living room couch. After that, you can slowly add more things you love until your home is filled with your favorite items.

“If you’re looking for a bigger project, consider replacing an old light fixture with a chandelier that reflects your personality,” Micetich said. A great, classic look, or pop into your favorite thrift store and see if there’s something you can upcycle that’s unique to you. Even think about where to add that chandelier. A chandelier in the bedroom can be a great project to create impact. Likewise, you can replace appliances, paint cabinets, and add a bright backsplash to match your unique style.”

A green thumb can take maximalist design to the next level. If you notice a gap in your decor, add a houseplant or two to fill the space. But don’t stop there. If you love houseplants, create an indoor jungle by hanging plants from the ceiling, placing them on furniture and placing them anywhere you like.

“When in doubt, layer different patterns and fabrics to make the home design more visually appealing,” Micetich said. “You can also play with different colors to make your space feel unique. Try adding more color to your kitchen or bathroom by painting the cabinets, shelves or the island. Tired of solid colors? Find a wallpaper pattern you like and use it to create the perfect accent wall. And if you don’t know where to start, it’s a great idea to consider hiring an interior designer who can help you explore your maximalism.”

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