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Doing the same thing doesn’t always produce results!

When Burnett Home Improvement looked at the home improvement business landscape in the Tulsa area five years ago, it wanted to differentiate itself from its competitors.

That’s exactly what they did when they added humor to their promotional messages and collaborated with the team at Tulsa World Media Company.


“We’ve doubled since 2018,” said Eli Ferrell, Marketing Director of Burnett Home Improvement. “The Tulsa World team has been a huge part of our campaign, which has delivered high-quality leads with high conversion rates.”

With the help of Dallas West, digital strategist at Tulsa World Media Company’s full-service digital agency – Amplified Digital – those high-value leads converted into closed sales with a marketing campaign strategy that combined print and digital tactics.

“It’s been really great working with Dallas,” he said. “She is great at communication and gives us answers quickly. She knows the right questions to present great opportunities clearly and transparently.”

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Integrity is very important to the Burnett Home Improvement team.

“It’s part of our culture here and the way we work with our customers,” Ferrell said. “That’s how we want to be treated. It enables an environment where we find ways to make things better and encourage everyone here to do their best.”

Scott Burnett, owner, founded Burnett Home Improvement in 1979 with his father who died unexpectedly a year later. He’s been able to keep the company running ever since, so creativity is right up his alley.

“We like to bring fun to what we do,” Ferrell said. “Fun is not only evident in our work projects, but also in how we work on projects. So you can imagine painting the boss’s face blue for a Braveheart-like themed campaign wasn’t a problem.”

Fun was exactly what West experienced when she first met Ferrell.

“One of the things I like about Eli is the first time I met him — we took a selfie,” West said. “We connected immediately. He had great ideas and with all our resources we developed a cross-platform marketing campaign to help him achieve his goals.”

According to West, helping companies grow and achieve their goals starts with a conversation. Tulsa World Media Company’s full-service digital agency team with Google’s premium partner – Amplified Digital – can find the right solution for any business!

“I never got a tour of the Tulsa world until I met Dallas! She’s doing a really great job for us,” Ferrell said.

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