Hospitals can help patients connect | Wbactive

In 2016, the United Nations declared internet access a fundamental human right. More specifically, it was added to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which promotes “the protection and enjoyment of human rights online.” However, despite the clear importance of internet access around the world, the US is falling behind when it comes to ensuring … Read more

Cheetah marker trees are also hotspots for communication between other species | Wbactive

Game camera footage of different species at cheetah mark trees in Namibia. Photo credit: Cheetah Research Project team Marking trees are important communication hotspots for cheetahs: Here they exchange information with and about other cheetahs via scent marks, urine and faeces. A team from the Cheetah Research Project of the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and … Read more

The professional program from AIE and Aldus UP | Wbactive

The 2022 edition of Italy’s public book fair “Più libri più liberi” features sessions for professionals at La Nuvola in Rome. A press conference at La Nuvola in Rome for the Più libri più liberi 2017 with the participation of the Italian Publishers Association (AIE). Image: Più libri più liberi, Musacchio, Ianniello & Pasqualini By … Read more

Hundreds of Colorado’s moose will wear GPS collars to hunt controlled cows as CPW fights to reverse herd decline | Wbactive

Wildlife managers in Colorado are mobilizing to reverse the state’s southwest moose decline by controlling hunting and protecting wild habitats to improve calf survival amid increasing drought and development. Colorado Parks and Wildlife crews are also launching an unprecedented statewide moose surveillance program. They will round up “several hundred” moose and attach satellite collars to … Read more

Cogent Communications Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:CCOI) CRO sells $111,648.00 worth of shares | Wbactive

Cogent Communications Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:CCOI – Get Rating) CRO James Bubeck sold 1,920 shares of the stock in a transaction on Thursday, December 1st. The shares sold at an average price of $58.15 for a total value of $111,648.00. Upon closing of the transaction, the executive now directly owns 36,662 shares of the Company, valued … Read more

GPs blame “media rhetoric” for a number of unprovoked physical assaults | Wbactive

GPs are concerned negative media rhetoric is fueling patients’ frustration after a series of unprovoked physical attacks. At least three unprovoked attacks have taken place in Essex and Surrey alone in recent weeks. GPs reported they were “scared” to do their jobs and urged newspapers to reconsider inflammatory narratives. dr Asif Ghauri, a senior partner … Read more

Why are they wearing those GPS straps? | Wbactive

In Friday’s World Cup match between South Korea and Portugal, Korean player Hwang Hee-Chan scored a crucial goal in stoppage time, then removed his jersey and paraded in front of screaming fans who appeared to be wearing some sort of harness or sports bra, according to the guys. In fact, watch football long enough and … Read more

Broadband access is better than ever—and more important than ever—in the capital • Sacramento News & Review | Wbactive

The county may be the national leader in terms of connectivity, but some disparities still persist By Julie Blunt and Kamelia Varastheh Broadband access in the Sacramento area has grown rapidly in recent years, making the area a leader in internet connectivity, according to new data from the US Census Bureau. About 93.5% of local … Read more

Sivers Semiconductors signs a US$16.4 million strategic development agreement with a European satellite communications company | Wbactive

Sivers Semiconductors AB (“Sivers”) announces today that its business unit, Sivers Wirelesshas signed a strategic development agreement worth $16.4 million (approx. SEK 170 million) with a European satellite communications company to develop several chipsets for satellite communications ground terminals. Sivers already has orders of approximately SEK 16.1 million for development work on this project from … Read more

Santas at mall making three generations of kids cry have internet in hysteria | Wbactive

A photo collage showing Santa Claus traumatizing three generations of children is sending the internet into hysteria. In a post shared on Reddit’s Aww forums on Nov. 28, user John Usher (u/upandattem) shared a photo collage of his wife, daughter and grandson as children sitting on Santa’s lap. Although the pictures were taken years apart … Read more

Trust issues guidance for local GPs on how to circumvent SWAH | Wbactive

With emergency hospital surgeries being suspended, THE WESTERN Trust has now issued guidelines for local GPs on when local patients should bypass the SWAH. The letter describes a wide range of conditions that should now bypass the hospital, including those with scrotal, abdominal or hernia pain, those with postoperative complications. For example, anyone over the … Read more

How the Internet has developed in recent years and what you need to know about Web 3.0 | Wbactive

Since its inception in the 1990s, the Internet has come a long way, navigating the Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 era. Now here comes Web 3.0, essentially a common name for a collection of technologies that promises to usher in an era where the internet is meant to be fully decentralized (in other words, fully … Read more

Crapo, Risch, colleagues call for expanded high-speed Internet access in rural communities | Wbactive

Washington, DC–US Senators Mike Crapo and Jim Risch (both R-Idaho) joined Senators John Barrasso (R-Wyoming) and Sen. Ben Ray Luján (D-New Mexico) in a letter to the secretaries of the US Department of the Interior, Agriculture and trade to the need to expand high-speed Internet access in rural communities. Internet providers are obliged to obtain … Read more

Sberbank’s blockchain platform is said to be Ethereum-compatible, Internet Computer’s mainnet integrates with Bitcoin, Exclusive Automotive Group accepts crypto | Wbactive

Source: Adobe Stock / Alexandr Blinov Get your daily, bite-sized roundup of cryptoasset and blockchain-related news – investigate the stories flying under the radar in today’s crypto news.__________ bank messages Russia’s largest bank Sber announced that its proprietary blockchain platform will be compatible with Ethereum (ETH). Developers can freely transfer smart contracts and entire projects … Read more