Avant Gallery launches Artmosphere, a bespoke interior design service

MIAMI, FL, April 16, 2022 – (PR.com) – The project began with a spacious $5.5 million residence in the Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles, with the Avant touches continuing in the cloud-capped unit in the 38th floor continued as attached elevator serviced garage and oceanfront balcony pool. It was exhibit and calling card, showcase and manifesto of the Artmosphere ethos: Live Passionately.

The Porsche residence

A tour of the residence showcases the sometimes bold, sometimes subtle, always expert gaze of Avant’s curatorial and design team, and demonstrates the daring approach we can expect from Artmosphere.

At the Porsche Design Tower, everything starts in the garage, which is connected to street level by a car elevator. Here, the artwork includes a diamond-dusted X-ray by Nick Veasey of a Porsche and a BNS street art painting. These pieces evoke the liveliness, energy and thirst for adventure of the Porsche lifestyle.

The garage looks directly into the living room. Here the tone becomes even more playful and gives room for entertainment and remembrance. There are pieces by young pop artist Skyler Gray, including a limited-edition rug and sculpture featuring his creation, Mickey Lagerfeld, a painting by Pez, a sculpture by Josh Mayhem featuring KAWS, and Becky Rosa’s “Birkream” – a whimsical sculpture reinterpretation of a pink one Birkin bag as a melting ball of ice cream in a waffle cone.

The gallery corridor runs through the rest of the residence, offering an opportunity to continue the main themes while creating a transitional aesthetic. It has:

● A rare Frank Sinatra autographed photograph of the legendary Terry O’Neill
● a Marcos Anziani oil on canvas
● a series of unique Chanel-inspired screenprints featuring Skyler Gray’s Olive Oyl
● Paintings by Daniel Adel

The master bedroom features sensually captivating limited edition photographs by American photographer Tim Tadder and French nude photographer Guy le Baube, as well as unique sculptural works by Paul Rousso. The artwork gives this ultimate oceanfront retreat a soothing tone from the busy streets of Sunny Isles Beach, Miami, which can be seen through the wraparound floor-to-ceiling windows.

Paul Rousso continues in the office, where his signature ‘Big Money’ wall sculpture serves as a fitting centerpiece, completed with a graffiti painting by BNS and an abstract mandala painting by Juan Restrepo. These works balance the office, making it as much a place for creative inspiration as it is for work.

The second bedroom focuses on the theme of quiet luxury with photographs by Tim Tadder, a Louis Vuitton-inspired artwork by Skyler Gray and a deconstructed portrait of Marilyn Monroe by French painter Florian Eymann.

Overall, the space matches and balances the opulent architecture with a diverse but coherent art collection and exquisite furnishings that cross mid-century modern aesthetics with contemporary elegance. The overall effect is positive and effervescent, bold and culturally rich – the perfect home in Miami.

Entry into the artmosphere

This exciting launch from Artmosphere brings the incredible list from the Avant Gallery to your home or office along with fine furniture and décor. Featuring some of the most exciting contemporary artists – including early, mid and established voices from around the world – Avant is able to bring enduring artistic experiences to a new set of clients.

The new venture underscores what the Avant Gallery has always been about: the union of fine art with the luxurious lifestyle.

Founded in Miami Beach in 2007 by entrepreneur and gallery owner Dmitry Prut, Avant has made beautiful contemporary art accessible by opening locations in luxury mall wings and high-end shopping destinations.

This accessible concept meets an ambitious spirit – delivering stunning exhibitions, immersive installations and performance experiences in an environment where art, culture and luxury come together.

Their locations in Miami, New York City, Dubai and West Palm Beach have integrated experimentation with our way of life. And now Avant goes one step further.

With Artmosphere, this mission to enrich and promote contemporary art on the world stage extends to the creation of innovative interior design concepts. This new platform gives Avant Gallery the opportunity to develop new, bespoke approaches to lifestyle design powered by contemporary art. It is a fully bespoke 360 ​​degree service that inspires clients to live passionately.

Visit www.artmosphere.net for more information.

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