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NEW YORK, November 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BAI Communications (BAI) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of ZenFi Networks (ZenFi), a US East Coast-based provider of digital infrastructure solutions and an innovator in small cell deployment, offload and roaming services, fiber optic connectivity, and network edge colocation. ZenFi will now become a BAI Group company alongside Mobilitie and Transit Wireless The United Stateswhich helps to further accelerate the growth of BAI North America and support the company’s vision to become a leading provider of connected 5G infrastructure North America and global.

As part of the acquisition, BAI is acquiring ZenFi’s portfolio of assets, including over 1,100 route miles of fiber optic networks across the country new York and New Jersey metro region. This fiber optic network connects to large data centers and points of presence in 65 network edge colocation facilities, a critical component of its C-RAN infrastructure. In addition, ZenFi brings with it a variety of long-standing customer relationships, including contracts with the customers of wireless carriers in the region and the rights to deploy mobile infrastructure solutions across 4,000 LinkNYC kiosk structures through its partnership with the CityBridge Consortium.

The deal will allow the group to participate in it Link5Gthe next phase of LinkNYC, a unique communications network that has replaced payphones everywhere NYC with state-of-the-art kiosks equipped with free high-speed WiFi, maps, connections to city services and free device top-up for taxpayers or users. In addition to LinkNYC’s standard features, Link5G will enable faster and fairer 5G deployments in neighborhoods NYC, with a focus on previously underserved areas. Link5G can meet all carrier device requirements and provide the necessary infrastructure to extend broadband connectivity to areas of the city that have traditionally been underserved by carriers. The new kiosks include 5 independent RF transparent bays to host multiple carriers deploying a variety of 4G and 5G technologies.

These unique deployments combined with BAI’s commercial strength in transit systems will result in a differentiated offering in the new York Area, including wider deployment of small cells, cellular network operator location, support for community services with advanced connectivity, and the largest public Wi-Fi network, all of which are transferrable to other states in the US and other markets.

Igor LeprinceGroup CEO of BAI Communications, said, “I am very impressed with ZenFi’s talented team and commercial prowess. The integration of ZenFi into the broader BAI Communications Group solidifies our position as the leading provider of connected infrastructure in North America and increases opportunities for new and specialized enterprise projects driven by our group of companies, ZenFi’s unparalleled expertise in fiber optic and small cell deployments in NYC and vicinity further strengthens BAI’s competitive position in the largest city in the United States, while providing us with new opportunities to work with other organizations to address the digital divide in underserved communities. This includes the deployment of 5G through the Link5G kiosks, which are essential to ensure all New Yorkers have access to the networks of the future.”

The completion of this acquisition means that BAI’s technology and service offerings to carriers, enterprises and local authorities will be significantly expanded to include more specialized and scalable solutions such as small cell location. ZenFi’s infrastructure is a natural extension of the connectivity solutions that Transit Wireless currently offers around the world NYC Subway. It will also be used by Mobilitie for small-cell connectivity of existing and new sites, as well as for the expansion of its in-building 5G networks North America.

Ray LaChanceCo-Founder and CEO of ZenFi Networks, said, “These are exciting times at ZenFi. The hard work of our team in developing sustainable, equitable and innovative infrastructure solutions for a densely populated region like NYC and New Jersey was a rewarding experience that will now scale.”

Victoria LambertCo-founder and CRO of ZenFi Networks, continued, “We share a cultural and operational alignment with BAI that will ensure our customer-centric approach remains a priority going forward. BAI’s global scale and reach places the BAI Group in an exciting… position to drive the growth of the overall connected infrastructure and new development opportunities for our employees.”

comment on next steps, Mr. Leprince added, “Our immediate priority now is to combine the skills and talents of our companies to help our customers deliver an enhanced experience at every point in their customer journey, from the subway to the ground and from from work to home.”

News of the agreement between the two companies was first announced on July 26 Year.

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