Bouldin Neighborhood and City of Austin remodel remote Greenbelt Trailhead

The Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association (BCNA), the Austin Public Works’ Neighborhood Partnering Program (NPP) and the Austin Parks and Recreation Department are pleased to announce the completion of the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt Trailhead project. This community-led project includes a new kiosk at the trailhead, a paved parking lot, fences and signposts. BCNA applied to NPP’s Neighborhood Cost Share Program for project design, financing and construction assistance.

The new trailhead improves access to the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt, which preserves just over 40 acres of open space near some of Austin’s most popular destinations. To make the Post Oak trailhead more visible and inviting, BCNA and NPP teamed up to remove old fences at the parking lot entrance and clear the scrub that partially obscured the trailhead. Public Works road and bridge crews milled and paved the existing parking lot to clearly define the parking lots and the road to the trailhead. The project team also installed and stained new cedar fences and installed a brand new kiosk with informational signage at the trailhead.

The Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association has worked for decades to improve and increase the use of trails in the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt. “People need to know that there are ways to use them and feel safe and comfortable doing it,” notes Ingrid Weigand, project manager and chair of the BCNA Parks and Green Space Committee. Ingrid has been the Green Belt Manager for over thirty years. “We are very pleased with how inviting the trailhead looks and we hope more of our neighbors will enjoy this green space.”

For more photos of the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt Trailhead, visit Austin Public Work’s Flickr page.

District 9 City Councilman Kathie Tovo commended the hard work of the Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association to improve their community’s green belt. CM Tovo notes, “As more Austin residents live in homes without yards, access to a green space that is within walking distance, such as the West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt, has become invaluable to Austin residents.”

The Neighborhood Partnering Program helps local groups improve urban properties in their neighborhoods through cost sharing, project planning and construction. Local groups, in turn, help with “cost sharing” and project maintenance. Learn more about how your group can work with the city to improve public spaces at The West Bouldin Creek Greenbelt Trailhead Project is NPP-Ready and Recommended by the Parks and Recreation Department’s Community Activated Park Project Program. Learn more about how residents can improve their parkland at the City of Austin’s Community Activated Park website projects.


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