Brothers leverage their unique skillset to provide quality bathroom remodeling services

Brothers John Huxtable and Alex Keyles founded Bathroom Buddy Remodeling with the goal of providing homeowners in Long Island and Queens with fair prices, superior workmanship, fantastic project management and accountability.

When John Huxtable worked as an investor in Flip real estate in the ’90s, he quickly realized two things: homeowners loved his commitment to keeping them up to date on their renovation projects, and his favorite project by far was bathroom remodeling. Over the years he considered making the transition to working exclusively on bathroom renovations and he knew his younger brother Alex Keyles was the perfect person to join him in this venture.

With a 22-year age difference between the brothers, Alex had spent summers during high school working with John, cleaning up construction sites and learning the business from the ground up. Complementing John’s experience, Alex’s millennial tech mindset brought a unique perspective on how the company’s message and vision can grow digitally once he joined John full-time. Together, the brothers have expanded Bathroom Buddy Remodeling, with a focus on maintaining aging bathrooms to better serve the needs of homeowners.

John explains, “Being in someone’s home is very personal and uncomfortable in many ways. Construction work disrupts their everyday life and routine, so it is our responsibility to create a trusting, respectful and approachable atmosphere. Just as important as installing a tile correctly is making the process as easy as possible for the homeowner. There is no compromise for another; We measure our success in delivering the total package on both counts.”

With Alex’s technical background, they have grown the business and grown Bathroom Buddy Remodeling’s fan base to over tens of thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram, setting their company apart from the competition.

But more importantly, they continue to not only meet their customers’ goals, but exceed them by simplifying the bathroom remodeling process so that every customer can have the bathroom of their dreams. Together they look forward to continuing this growth while maintaining their excellent reputation.

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Bathroom Buddy Remodeling offers full service for bathroom remodeling in Long Island and Queens. The company specializes in bathtub and shower replacement and on-site aging services. Visit for more information.

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