Celebrity IOU Preview: Tiffany Haddish joins the Scott Brothers to give her friend Selena a home makeover

Celebrity IOU follows Hollywood stars and the hosts as they help that special person in their life make a home makeover. Jonathan and Drew Scott and their famous friends star on the show, inspiring, entertaining and bringing viewers to tears with personal stories of appreciation. In collaboration with the Scott brothers, the celebrities get their hands dirty to transform the homes of their friends and mentors on the show, produced by Scott Brothers Entertainment, with Jonathan and Drew serving as executive producers.

When it first aired in 2020, the Home Renovation Show, which brought guest stars together with Jonathan and Drew Scott to work on impromptu renovations for individuals in their lives, was an instant hit. The new season of the HGTV home renovation series premiered on Monday, April 18 in a night starring Tiffany Haddish, an American stand-up comedian and actress, who offered her best friend Selena the love and support with the stunning renovation of her home want to give back that she really deserves. Tiffany took to the demo with the help of Jonathan and Drew to make sure her friend’s brand new five star pad lives up to the mark! Her kitchen and bathroom were completely redone after four weeks. Selena was stunned, yet indescribably grateful. Tears flowed everywhere. Dwayne, her husband, was stunned by the transformation.


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Jonathan and Drew Scott, the “Property Brothers,” got their creative minds together in the premiere episode to do blueprints, demolish bits of property, buy furniture, and of course get things approved by Tiffany before she went to work on two films and a show! In addition to slamming through walls like in her films, Tiffany also ripped down closets and helped the Scott brothers get the ball rolling.

The aim was to turn this property into a “stylish and family-friendly retreat”. Selena returned home to her newly renovated house that had new grass on her patio. As she entered her home, she gasped, “That looks like something out of a magazine!” Selena was blown away by the kitchen, which Tiffany knew would mean so much to her closest friend. Selena loved the new shades and the newfound open space in the kitchen, big enough for the two best friends to dance with one of the “Property Brothers”! She couldn’t stop gushing about the kitchen’s white stone countertops.

The old railings and antiquated floors were gone too. In its place, the new railing was installed, which was of the same traditional style but conforming to regulations. The fireplace with its beautiful stone construction was a real eye-catcher.

Tiffany called for a “bathroom like a spa fit for a queen,” and the Scott brothers more than delivered. The light brown hue was gone from the wall. They cleared the unwanted corner area to make room for a double vanity. Tiffany worked with the Property Brothers on the bathroom, which was now “beautiful and functional.” The “Property Brothers” were looking for that “ooooh-aaah” factor when working on this particular property, and by the end of the episode it’s easy to say they succeeded.

Every Monday, HGTV airs brand new episodes of Celebrity IOU.

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