‘Celebrity IOU’ Season 4: 5 things you need to know about the HGTV home renovation show

One of HGTV’s biggest hits, Celebrity IOU returns in April with eight new episodes. As celebrities share deeply personal stories of their appreciation for a worthy mentor or friend, viewers can expect bolder personalities, emotional anecdotes and stunning restorations.

There are many household names in the home remodeling television program business, but few can match the notoriety of the “Property Brothers”, despite disliking the term. When Jonathan and Drew Scott’s new show Celebrity IOU premiered in 2020, it quickly attracted a huge following. Now the show is gearing up for its fourth season on HGTV and it will feature a slew of celebrities including Snoop Dogg and Halle Berry.


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When is Celebrity IOU Season 4 out and where to watch?

‘Celebrity IOU’, one of HGTV’s hit shows, returns with eight new episodes airing Monday, April 18 at 9pm ET/PT on Monday nights. The top rated cable show will also be available to stream on Discovery+. Twelve more episodes of the series are scheduled to air in late 2022.

What is Celebrity IOU Season 4 about?

Jonathan and Drew Scott are undoubtedly at the top of the well designed stack when it comes to the home remodeling/renovation saga. Despite being a favorite for many years, audiences keep tuning in as the brothers come up with a new, heartwarming story arc for us to check out. And that’s exactly what we get with Celebrity IOU, which stands out from the crowd by allowing us to see how stars surprise their friends, family and other important people in their lives with makeovers after joining the Scott brothers have to perform a hard transplant yourself.

Season 4 of Celebrity IOU will focus on a variety of restoration initiatives. Teams transform a humble bachelor pad into a modern setting, a humble backyard into a luxurious retreat with an outdoor kitchen that pulls out all the stops, and a bare basement into an entertainer’s imagination, among others.

Fans loved everything from Kevin Hart’s efforts to brighten up the home of the trainer who was helping him recover from his car accident, to Allison Janney, who wore a skintight evening dress as she helped move part of the apartment ripping off her assistant, and Brad Pitt’s sentimental mood makeover for a special friend during the first two seasons of ‘Celebrity IOU.’ As a result, there’s no question Season 4 will be a hit with fans.

Who is Starring in Season 4 of Celebrity IOU?

With the help of the brilliant twins and the series’ executive producers Jonathan and Drew Scott, the Hollywood stars will don hard hats, pick up power tools and work up a sweat to offer unexpected home upgrades to the special people in their lives. Season 4 of Celebrity IOU will have a variety of well known and popular comedians, artists and actors joining the couple.

Alongside the aforementioned Snoop Dogg and Halle Berry, comedian Ali Wong, ‘Winning Time’ John C. Reilly, veteran ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge Howie Mandel, Lisa Kudrow from ‘Friends’, Tiffany Haddish from ‘The Afterparty ‘ and Anthony Anderson of Law & Order and Black-ish.

Who are the showrunners?

Scott Brothers Entertainment Inc, co-founded by Jonathan and Drew Scott, produced the blockbuster show Celebrity IOU.


The Celebrity IOU Season 4 trailer has yet to be released. Keep an eye on this space for more information.

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