Clever ways to add spaces to your home without the addition

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houses are frustratingly permanent. A Two bedroom, one bath home may seem grand on first purchase, but add two kids, a dog and a DVD Frozen it never stops playing and you notice that quickly how small it really is is.

As a rule, one then begins with the search for a new home or renovate your existing one. Adding an extension is a great way to expand your living space, and even a renovation that doesn’t add square footage can give you an extra bedroom or bathroom or some other defined space. but every home Renovation included money, time and risk your emotional balance.

What if you just need an extra room temporarily or just don’t have the resources to hire contractors? If you only need a defined spacetHere are ways to magically add spaces to your home without renovation or extension.

When is a room not a room?

Before we dive into some room design ideas, a quick note on legal definitions: in most cases, simply creating a defined space in your home and putting a bed does not make it a legal bedroom. There are likely Laws in the books near you define what a bedroom is. you usuallly sketch things like a minimum Square footage being the requirement there at least one window (or sometimes two ways to exit the room), a Minimum ceiling height and air conditioning and ventilation requirements. Not necessarily you need a closet to call it a bedroom. While those details don’t matter if you’re just making something up to solve a problem for yourself when you do it later putting the house up for sale, they are important to consider.

Ways to divide a room in your home

So you need a third bedroom, home office, kid’s room, or any other space that isn’t in your original floor plan. Here are some ways you can create a whole new space without adding more square footage to your home:

  • A partition. Putting up a non-load bearing wall is actually pretty cheap and pretty easy– especially if you don’t install a door and end up leaving only a place for entry. Framing with 2×4 frame bolts may take a few tries to get things perfect – but don’t forget you’ll be covering your frame with drywall, so be it can be ugly as long as it’s stable. This is the most difficult option in terms of work and construction skills.
  • Use bookshelves or shelving units. Depending on the ceiling height you’re dealing with, putting together a series of bookshelves or shelving units can be a great way to create a new space. You can probably find extra tall bookshelves that reach (or come very close to) your ceiling – the iconic Ikea Billy is coming, for example in a 93+ inch version that will nearly reach an 8 foot ceiling). Line up your bookshelves or shelving units to form them a partial wall and voila, a new room. You can attach and even add your bookshelves to the floor and wall if you wish Cut upwards to finish the illusion fuck you could even add a piece of drywall and curtain door if you really wanted itas long as you are comfortable with making a little frame at the open end.
  • sliding doors. A flexible way to divide up a space is by adding a set of sliding doors. Ikea offers an affordable option with theirs PAX sliding doors; You can see how they can be used to divide a space by checking this The work of Ikea hackers. If you have half a wall to work with, you can also just add a sliding door to the room, which doesn’t create a separate space but adds flexibility. a… create space that can be closed or open, as required.
  • Enclose a porch or patio. If you have a large porch or covered patio area, you can quickly add a “three seasons” space to your home by throwing up some walls and closing them. Adding heat or other utilities would take this project out of the relatively quick and cheap category, but if you just need office space or storage space, this could work. AAll it takes is framing and finishing some walls.
  • Complete the garage. You can either turn your garage into a usable space by adding a floating plywood floor and some drywall (if it’s not there already) or just put it aside Part of the garage with one of the proposed separation techniques Above. Most garages already have electricitymaking them an ideal place for a Workshop, office or workshop – especially if you don’t have to worry about where to park your car.

Best part about sharing a room with no renovation? The work can be quickly and easily undone and returned to your original floor plan, so if and when If you’re fed up with the new configuration, you can try something different – or just try everything return like it was.


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