Commission decides on 2 tax breaks for construction projects

Director of Urban Planning and Community Development, Craig Raymond, joked during Tuesday’s commission meeting that they would call it “Tax Cut Night”.

The commissioners passed two tax breaks, one for the soon-to-be-renovated property, renamed The Gibson Boutique Hotel, formerly the Greystone Inn on Central Ave; the other for an expansion of the Great Falls Clinic. The projects would pay 0% property taxes for the first year of construction, adding another 20% each year until they pay 100% in year five and beyond.

“It’s kind of unusual that we have so many in a meeting,” Raymond said. “It’s just a sign of progress and a lot of things that are going on.”

The agenda report for both projects cites annotated Section 15-24-1501 of the Montana Code, which gives local government the ability to provide tax benefits for the remodeling, reconstruction, or expansion of existing buildings or structures.

Greystone Inn becomes The Gibson

Applicant for the abatement, Starry Night Hospitality, had to delay construction for the remodel by two years due to the pandemic after first purchasing the property in the fall of 2019.

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