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India has become the 3rd largest startup ecosystem in the world with 69,000 647 DPIIT-approved startups in sixty-five districts.

But it takes a lot of money to turn an idea into a real business or to scale a startup into a stable company. Sometimes your savings aren’t enough, so investing can help.

Investments are not the goal, but the means. In order to get funding, the startup founder needs to have a good idea of ​​what they need the money for. Getting a loan from a bank for your first project is almost impossible. Credit institutions do not finance start-up projects because it poses a great risk for them. However, you have several options for finding investments for your startup. We will tell you about it.

The basic rule

Unfortunately, despite the numerous startup success stories in India, many ideas have not materialized due to the wrong approach when looking for an investor.

You should learn a simple truth: An investor is a person, not just a bag of money. You need a good reason to invest money in your business. That’s why you have to convince them with your eloquence ability. Since investors often live in other cities and countries, it is possible to discuss business matters with them via video calls, so you need quality service.

The special iMind service, which is becoming increasingly popular and already appreciated by customers, fits into this definition. You can read iMind Reviews to ensure this. On iMind’s official Facebook accountyou can find out why users like this service so much and why they recommend it.

friends and acquaintances

Start your search for an investor with friends and acquaintances. Call the contacts in your phone book and tell friends and family about your business idea. The more you talk about the startup, the better your chances of finding an investor. However, always separate the private from the professional. Before accepting money from people close to you, make sure they are willing to share your risks.

business angels

These are private venture investors. There are a large number of such investors in the Republic of India. They are interested not only in investing financial resources in fresh ideas, but also in sharing their experience and knowledge with project participants.

Therefore, they support start-ups financially and professionally. Business angels often become full-fledged mentors on projects, sharing their experiences and getting a stake in the company. To contact business angels, use contacts from official community sites or write to them on social networks.

business incubators

The search for an investor is possible through business incubators. These are organizations created to support startups. They help companies with:

• office rentals;
• Provision of access to equipment and databases;
• Advice on tax and legal issues;
• Ensure connections to partners and investors.

They differ from business angels in that they do not invest their money in projects.

enterprise accelerator

Accelerators, like incubators, specialize in developing startups and attracting investment. They support projects that are already stable and help startups to scale. These programs typically last three to six months. A demo day will then take place, where the project will be presented to investors.

grants and competitions

Gratuitous investments are a coveted prize for any startup. To get it, you must choose a contest organizer (usually a private or government foundation), submit an application, and pass the selection process.

The grant is always awarded for specific tasks, such as: B. the rental of premises. If they don’t align with your goals, there’s no point in participating. Remember that foundations track what you spend your prize money on.

investor clubs

An investor or business angel association is another way to raise money for the growth and development of your project. The organizers of such communities look for promising ideas and inform investors about them at forums and thematic meetings. Interesting projects are jointly financed by several partners at the same time (syndicated deals).

crowdfunding sites

Crowdfunding is the collective funding of various projects. It is used by aspiring startups to raise money from many individuals through dedicated crowdfunding sites. You just need to develop an investment proposal, post it on any of the platforms and start raising funds.

So why is iMind a choice for your business?

As we have already established, India is an ideal place to develop and implement new projects. Fresh ideas flock here like flies to honey, and the government and domestic private investors are trying to facilitate their development. With the iMind service and the associated communication quality, you can simplify many processes in your company, simplify communication between employees and sponsors and work on ideas for your project together.

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