Daredevil season 3 already set up a perfect MCU reboot before No Way Home

A daredevil Reboot is reportedly on the way, but Netflix is daredevil Season 3 already paved the way for Matt Murdock’s perfect MCU future Spider-Man: No Way Home. daredevil was the first of Marvel’s Netflix shows, debuting in April 2015 and becoming an instant hit for the streaming giant. After three seasons and an appearance on the team-up show the defenders, daredevil was canceled at the end of 2018 jessica jones, Luke cage, iron fistand The Punisher also ends at the same time.

Despite the cancellation of his series, Charlie Cox later returned in 2021 as Matt Murdock Spider-Man: No Way Home. Though his appearance was brief, speculation about Daredevil’s MCU future has been rife ever since. While full details aren’t available just yet, there’s some news on where Matt’s story will take him next, and it seems it won’t be long before Matt fits again.


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Per production weeklya daredevil “Reboot” takes place in the MCU, with the project itself expected to pick up steam in fall 2022, but the term “Reboot” itself might not tell the whole story. Typically, reboots bring a character or franchise back to the beginning to start over. But based on the end of daredevil Season 3 and Matt Murdock No way home Cameo, the “reboot” he’ll get seems a lot softer, as does one his last two stories actually set up.

How does Daredevil fit into MCU Canon?

Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock in the Daredevil suit

If Marvel’s the defenders and its sub-series ran on Netflix, their connections to the MCU being made largely through dialogue references. Whether through Iron Man and Thor referenced daredevil or jessica jones Marvel’s Netflix series mentioned a large green giant and linked to the MCU through casual comments about various characters or “The event” in The Avengers. Aside from supporting roles from NY1 news anchor Pat Kiernan, however, the MCU films have never reciprocated this reference, so Marvel’s Netflix series had a connection to the MCU that always felt very one-sided.

However, that all changed with Matt’s appearance Spider-Man: No Way Home along with Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio), who appears in the Disney+ series hawk eye – with both cameos making Marvel’s Netflix series canon within the MCU. Additionally, recent activity on Marvel’s official website has raised more questions in this regard No way home added and then removed from Daredevil’s biography. While Kevin Feige or Marvel Studios have yet to make an official statement, Matt and Kingpin’s respective cameos lend strong credence to the idea of ​​Marvel’s Netflix shows being set in the MCU.

Daredevil Season 3 has already started with the Daredevil reboot

Daredevil Season 3 Charlie Cox Cross

Although the MCU sequel of daredevil was listed as a reboot, Matt Murdock has already entered a reboot phase daredevil‘s series uplifting season 3. Comes from the back of the defenders, Matt Murdock was presumed dead, and in a way he was. Matt’s experiences had left him embittered and broken mentally and physically, while also shaking his Catholic faith. Matt gradually began to heal himself and returned to his vigilante life, but it wasn’t the same as before his last confrontation with The Hand.

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When Kingpin and Bullseye (Wilson Bethel) turn New York City against Daredevil, Matt’s life falls apart as he contemplates killing Fisk daredevil Season 3. He also reverted to his black ninja suit during this time, revealing that the darkness he had fallen into had temporarily consumed him. But come the end daredevil By Season 3, Matt had renewed his faith in God, himself, and his mission as Daredevil by beating Fisk a second time and sending him back to prison (although D’Onofrios hawk eye Return has arguably reversed that arc). Until the end daredevil Season 3 also saw Matt return to his law practice with Foggy Nelson (Elden Henson), a much more upbeat man, ready to move on on less bitter terms than Daredevil. Subsequently, Matt’s next long-awaited appearance would reveal his rebirth in daredevil Season 3 held up.

No Way Home fits Daredevil Season 3 reboot

daredevil image

Appearance of Matt Murdock in No way home didn’t show him as a Daredevil at all, but his character’s mindset and behavior are entirely consistent with Where daredevil Season 3 left him. As attorney for Peter Parker (Tom Holland) after the latter’s framing of Mysterio’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) murder, Matt is as gleefully and emotionally rejuvenated as he was at Netflix’s end daredevil. He had even regained his wry sense of humor and explained his impressive catch of a brick hurled through the apartment window at Peter and secretly spotted by Matt/Daredevil’s radar sense by saying: “I’m a really good lawyer.

Matt’s cameo appearance No way home referred to none of the events of daredevil, but it didn’t have to be either, because they weren’t the connective tissue his appearance relied on. Matt was back in his legal groove while his super senses were sharpened again, as highlighted by his brick catch. In this way, Matt was presented in every way as back on his feet and ready for his next mission as Daredevil No way home prepares him for a triumphant return.

The MCU’s Daredevil Reboot may give Matt Murdock a fresh start

Charlie Cox in Daredevil Season 3 image

While both Daredevil and the Kingpin are likely to return echo, Matt’s MCU future certainly won’t stop there. Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio have expressed differing ideas about how daredevil can best move forward, with Cox suggesting a time jump daredevil Season 3. With that in mind, a hard continuity reset in popularity seems far from on the table daredevil during his Netflix run as further proof that this isn’t happening. In addition, given the continuity that seems to have been established between daredevil and the MCU, there seems to be an ongoing conversation within the MCU about the semantics of what exactly Matt’s “reboot” will be daredevil season 3 and No way home currently offers the best picture of what this reboot is likely to look like.

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As a result, Matt’s full debut as Daredevil in the MCU will likely be a smooth reboot that doesn’t rely on viewers having watched all three seasons of daredevil or the defenders. From where else could his return follow daredevil stopped, especially since Cox also wants a Bullseye rematch. With Dex’s unsolved return as a proper Bullseye, this would be a smart way to bring Daredevil and Bullseye face-to-face again. At the same time, Daredevil’s MCU return can act as a fresh start for him, since his metaphorical death and resurrection already essentially represents a spiritual reset for Daredevil. With where daredevil season 3 and No way home Once he’s left Matt, he can have a fresh start of sorts, simply being thrown back into his double life as a lawyer by day and Devil of Hell’s Kitchen by night.

With the applause daredevil‘s three seasons enjoyed thanks to their dark tone, mature themes, and daredevil‘s incredible one-shot action scenes, it makes sense that there would be intense speculation about Matt Murdock’s MCU future. With reference to daredevilWhile ‘s sequel as a reboot may be technically accurate, the term itself may prove to be overly simplistic. daredevil season 3 and Spider-Man: No Way Home combined to rejuvenate Matt’s life and story, put him to the test and see Matt grow into a new man. When training daredevil In his plans, the MCU could simply kick Matt out of his renewed state as seen in the Netflix series finale.

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