Day-Lewis & Bale were considered for the role of Nicolas Cage

Unbearable Weight by Massive Talent screenwriter Kevin Etten reveals they were considering Daniel Day-Lewis and Christian Bale for the role of Nicolas Cage.

The unbearable weight of massive talent Screenwriter Kevin Etten has revealed that the filmmakers behind the film have considered Daniel Day-Lewis or Christian Bale for the role of Nicolas Cage should Cage choose not to play himself. The film follows a fictionalized version of the Face/Off Actor hired to visit a rich fan’s (Pedro Pascal) house. Unbearable weight of massive talent hits theaters this weekend and is currently receiving strong reviews from critics.

Massive talent is an in-depth meta-exploration of Cage’s legacy in Hollywood. In the film, the actor portrays a version of himself who has fallen on hard times and is struggling to land leading roles. Eventually, he is lured to the island by a wealthy Cage superfan named Javi (Pedro Pascal) with a promise of $1 million for attending a birthday party. From there, Cage is recruited by the CIA to monitor the man who hired him.


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Now that The unbearable weight of massive talent has debuted in theaters, new information has emerged about the development of the project. In a recent interview with THR, screenwriter Kevin Etten confirmed that there were original versions of the project where either Day-Lewis or Bale would have stepped in to actually play Cage. etten said:

There were times when I think I tried harder than Tom to talk myself into thinking other ideas. The only really good idea – I don’t know who came up with it – was to have either Christian Bale or Daniel Day-Lewis play Nick Cage. But really, no.

Pedro Pascal and Nic Cage watch Paddington 2 in Massive Talent

Ultimately, it seems the filmmakers will have to make the version Massive talent that they wanted to do. However, they had to have backup plans in place in case they couldn’t get Cage. They probably couldn’t cast another actor to play themselves as the film seems to be built very heavily around Cage who is the film’s main character, bringing him back into the comedy genre after a long absence. As a result, they had the opportunity to cast Hollywood stars like Bale or Day-Lewis for the role of Cage.

There is an argument that Bale and Day-Lewis could both have played the role of Cage in an alternate version of Gut The unbearable weight of massive talent. However, the film would have missed ample opportunity to have meta-fun with Cage’s legacy and inner monologue if Cage played multiple versions of himself in the film. Plus, by playing himself, Cage allowed the actor to join in the fun. If another actor had taken on the role, an impersonation of Cage might have veered into mean territory, rather than letting Cage embrace his legacy through the film’s narrative.

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Source: THR

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