Decorating and Storage Items Loved by Homeowners Under $70 at Amazon

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There are many wonderful benefits of owning your own home – security and independence are two that come to mind. But I’ve also always loved the idea of ​​starting over with a blank canvas and really making a space my own. And having just bought an apartment in New York, I couldn’t wait to turn it into the tiny home of my dreams. After all, owning in the city is a great achievement. When it comes to decor, I opt for quality items that make any area feel grand and stylish, all on a budget.

To create a cozy haven, I buy items that I would consider a lifetime investment; As soon as they enter my apartment, they stay. This requires me to be extremely strategic when buying, keeping an eye on costs. And after months of searching, I’ve found a great list of products that can help me maximize my storage space and beautify my studio, all for $70 and under and directly from Amazon.

Can you ever have too many throw blankets? If you ask me, the answer is definitely no. I bought this adorable fleece throw that is so comfy to snuggle in. It has pompom detailing on the edges that looks elegant on my sofa. Although it looks off-white on screen, it’s actually a pink hue, which I welcome and adds a bit of color to my otherwise neutral palette. I ended up buying a second one too – just in case.

And when I’m not using that blanket, I put it in this extra-deep, woven rope basket. The large basket can hold multiple blankets at once without tipping over. I also use it to hold the decorative throw pillows I keep on my bed at night and the soft basket does the job justice.

Another must-have accessory that doubles as a statement piece is this gold plug-in wall light. My condo is in a relatively old building and while it has its charm, it lacks overhead lighting. Instead of hiring an electrician (and spending thousands), I opted for these mid-century modern sconces that look so stylish on either side of my bed. They plug right into the socket behind my mattress, and unlike other plug-in lights, these have a metal cover that hides most of the wiring, giving them an even more sublime look.

When you consider that my living room is also my dining area and At home in the office, I needed something that would provide enough light from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and at the same time offer the relaxed atmosphere I want for my free time. That’s why I’m so glad I bought these Philips Hue smart LED light bulbs. They simply screw into my floor lamp and sync with an app on my phone that allows me to adjust the brightness and color (ranging from cool white to warm yellow) from anywhere in my home.

And anyone who lives in the city knows you have to get creative when it comes to storing your belongings. I was able to turn a closet into a makeshift pantry since my kitchen couldn’t handle all of my cooking supplies, and these banana leaf baskets are on my radar. The warm color definitely catches the eye and I like that the baskets come in three sizes and have handles for easy removal.

To hold all my cute knick knacks like candles, plants and pictures I chose these floating shelves. They allow me to decorate and utilize dead wall space and they have tons of personality thanks to their gold brackets.


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