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Why do real estate agents work so hard to acquire new clients instead of maximizing repeat business with previous clients and existing relationships?

According to the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), 90% of homeowners say they will use their realtor again, but only 12% actually do so.

How can we retain previous customers and build loyalty during these dormant years when they are not actively buying or selling? Consider these customer retention strategies to build stronger, longer-lasting connections.

Rewrite the playbook

We’re all familiar with the usual playbook: sending out holiday cards and seasonal mailers, writing blog posts and social content related to home improvement and maintenance. When done well, this content can encourage previous clients to remember you for their next home sale.

But almost every real estate professional sends out a similar series of seasonal communications with ideas for improving curb appeal, best-value renovations, and updates on housing market trends.

If you send the same templates for communication as the agent down the street, recipients will likely turn them off.

Building loyalty means delivering real value

Solving these real estate agent challenges inspired the launch of MoveEasy. If agents want to get the attention of previous customers, they need to show them that they’re using their industry knowledge to give them insider advantages and savings.

Not only do they need to create relevant content on homeownership topics that matter to them, but also hyper-local content, recommendations and discounts for contractors or service providers.

MoveEasy is purpose-built to deliver on that promise, empowering agents to deliver value to their clients throughout their homeowner lifecycle.

Homeowners can compare thousands of verified service providers in categories such as home insurance, internet and cable, home insurance, energy, utilities and more. The dashboard also includes a savings calculator that allows you to compare prices, hire a local contractor and apply exclusive discounts.

Rationalize home ownership

To thrive in today’s highly competitive marketplace, agents now have the opportunity and responsibility to go beyond the usual playbook to deliver value.

Instead of reminding customers to replace their HVAC filters, give them a referral link that they click and subscribe to a company that will automatically send them filters every three months. Rather than offering general kitchen remodeling tips, give clients a planning tool that provides research relevant to their home and location. Instead of daydreaming about what their future kitchen might look like, leave them a list of contractors, an understanding of next steps, and a calculation of how an updated kitchen can add value to their home.

MoveEasy keeps your customers organized and helps you maintain an active relationship with them throughout the life of their home ownership, providing an invaluable tool for building customer loyalty and referrals.

Venkatesh Ganapathy is CEO and Co-Founder of MoveEasy, the nation’s first full-service homeowner concierge platform dedicated to helping the 139 million homeowners in the United States with all their moving and property management needs. For more information visit

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