Designer experts reveal the easiest do-it-yourself renovations that will give your home a makeover — and yes, color does make a difference

Renovating your home to look like the gorgeous spaces you see on TV is a daunting task.

However, several home renovation and design experts have outlined the steps homeowners can take to simplify their DIY renovation plans and ensure they are on the road to success.


Home renovation experts have shared their top tips to ensure you’re doing your home improvement projects in the best possible wayPhoto credit: Getty
They gave tips on how to prepare for a renovation and even concrete ideas for DIY


They gave tips on how to prepare for a renovation and even concrete ideas for DIYPhoto credit: Getty


Andre Kazimierski, CEO of Improovy Painters Chicago, told The Sun that the most important thing for people looking to renovate their home is to have a clear plan.

“Before you start swinging your hammer or throwing paint at the wall, think carefully about what you want to do and how you want the room to look when you’re done,” he said.

“What are your goals?

“How are you going to reach her?

“Do you have all the necessary supplies?

“What’s your budget?

He continued, “Answering these questions can make your home renovation a lot less stressful and help you actually complete the project.”

Part of your plan should also be to acknowledge any building restrictions in your city — or your particular home if it’s historic — and learn about the permits you need to legally complete major renovations.

According to Real Homes experts, work that typically requires a permit includes “structural alterations, additions, HVAC work, demolition and roofing work.”

The website added, “However, permitting and building codes vary by where you live, so you should check with your city or municipality for details.”


Many of us were taught to always check our work in school, and the same is true in the real world.

In fact, New Hampshire’s Colony Property Investments owner, Rick Abbiati, told The Sun that this is one of the most important parts of the home renovation.

“Measure twice so you only have to cut once,” he suggested.

“It will save you a lot of heartache and money.”

Color can achieve a lot

If you’re not ready to put a sledgehammer on your wall, Lawn Love CEO Jeremy Yamaguchi recommends giving a home a fresh coat of paint.

“If you don’t have a lot of time or money for major renovations but want to change the overall look of a room, add an accent wall,” he recommended.

“You can just paint it a darker or bolder color, or add an overlap or wallpaper to suit your style.

“Accent walls can improve the look and feel of a room by adding depth and dynamics, and the great thing about adding an accent wall is that it usually doesn’t take too much effort.”

One savvy mom showed her followers exactly how to do this using just a Sharpie Paint Pen.

She claimed the $10 tool helped her transform multiple walls in her home with a steady hand and some imagination.

Get the most for your money

The main goal of a do-it-yourself project – aside from unleashing creative energy for some – is to give people the result they want, but at a cheaper price.

Luckily, Australian interior designer Becc Burgmann has plenty of ideas to help DIYers get the most out of their renovation efforts.

First, she recommended looking for furniture on buy-and-sell sites, thrift stores, and even Facebook Marketplace to fill your home with more affordable pieces.

“It’s amazing how many people give away free kitchens if you just come and take it out!” she told The Sun.

And if something you see isn’t quite what you’re looking for, Becc has suggested turning it into a unique piece that you’ll use.

“Instead of paying for a new bathroom vanity, repurpose a console or buffet table.

“How? Cut a round hole in the top with a jigsaw and insert your cymbal, easy!

“Looks incredible and has so much character!”

However, she said it’s important to make sure you know what to provide in terms of installation so you don’t end up with a beautiful bathroom piece without knowing how to make it work.

Becc also urged people to shop in their own homes for goods they can recycle.

“Think carefully about how you might reuse pieces that you would normally throw straight away,” she said.

“If, for example, wooden floorboards have to come, salvage what you can and cut them to use for other elements, e.g. B. a wood mantel around the fireplace or a wall panel as a feature wall in a living room or bedroom, and then just paint it !”

She also suggested painting old tiles to give them a new life for a unique backsplash or even flooring.

But if you plan to do more than just swap out some old furniture, Becc said, you’ll save money by doing demolition work yourself and leaving the more complicated stuff for the professionals.

“Spend the money on people you need, e.g. Get the electrician to make sure these things are done professionally and comply with building codes,” she advised.


If you don’t want to drill a hole through your wall but are happy with the color in your home, there’s certainly more that can be done to breathe new life into your space.

Alina Clark, co-founder and marketing director of Cocodoc, is on the hunt for a new home, which made her realize how much of a difference seemingly small things can make in a home’s aesthetic.

For an easier DIY project, she suggested revamping the crown molding and trim in your interiors.

“If your baseboard is only a few inches high, peel it off and put on something better.

“You can get very nice looking MDF skirting boards that are 7 inches or so high for not a lot of money, and with a nice coat of paint it will look amazing.

“Something like this is very easy to install.”

She added that the window covering “makes an incredible difference” and is also cheap, “but is certainly more difficult to install.”

In the meantime, Stefan Bucur, founder of The Rhythm of the Home, recommends investing in a Samsung Frame Television, which allows you to swap out the traditional black screen for an artwork displayed on the TV’s 4K screen.

“As a DIY project, this is a very flexible way to decorate a home and the biggest benefit is that the art can be changed to suit any background in the house,” he said.

“We recommend using textured art imagery and muted neutral colors to better integrate a TV frame on a living room wall.”

According to Dorothea Hudson, a home renovation expert at Clearsurance, you can completely transform a room with a mirror — and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

“It’s easy to find nice vintage mirrors at thrift stores,” she says.

“Mirrors also make your home feel more spacious and bright.”

And for those looking for even more ways to easily spruce up your home, another expert previously shared tips on how to make your home appear bigger for free.

DIY renovations are meant to save people money, but you need to make sure you're following the right steps


DIY renovations are meant to save people money, but you need to make sure you’re following the right stepsPhoto credit: Getty
Not all home renovations are created equal


Not all home renovations are created equalPhoto credit: Getty
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