DIY home improvement projects to try while you’re stuck at home

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us all to spend more time at home. Clearly, even if social distancing restrictions are lifted, it’s going to be a different summer than most of us probably anticipated at the start of the year. So why not take this opportunity to improve your surroundings with some DIY projects? Even if you’ve never attempted a DIY home improvement project, you know that it doesn’t take advanced skill or a lot of experience to make a big impact on the design. It’s also something the whole family can help with. Here are the best DIY projects for every level.

Replace hardware

Anyone who can use a screwdriver can transform a room simply by swapping out the handles and knobs on drawers and cabinets. This is one of the few projects that doesn’t require any skills. A real game changer for the kitchen and bathroom – even tenants can do that. Just be sure to keep your old hardware and swap it out when you move out.

This is also a great project on a budget. For example, offers hundreds of different types of hardware in a variety of metals, colors, sizes, and finishes. Menlo Park cabinet handle by Schaub and Company is particularly popular at the moment. The gold color is sophisticated and above the standard knobs and pulls that many of us have in our kitchens.

You can also change the hardware of furniture such as desks, media centers, etc. to upgrade parts instantly. Adding designer knobs and handles is also an easy way to upgrade an inexpensive piece of furniture.

Enhance your closet virtually

Have you already done your spring cleaning? If editing your closet isn’t enough, The Container Store’s Elfa system can help you create the closet you’ve always wanted.

Simply enter the cabinet’s dimensions, then customize with shelves, rods, drawers, etc. They even create 2D and 3D models from different angles so you can really see what the space will look like.

But if you need extra help, the brand has just launched a free virtual home closet design program on its website. This eliminates the guesswork and allows a professional to give you ideas you probably wouldn’t have thought of on your own.

The Container Store still ships and some stores even offer curbside pickup. Your order includes detailed instructions and a video with everything you need to install your new cabinet

Install a new kitchen splashback in minutes

Does your backsplash look dated or old? Peel and stick tiles are a simple and inexpensive solution. If you can apply a decal neatly, you can probably do this project. Like replacing hardware, this is also a great idea for renters who feel they are stuck with their kitchen. WallPops offers a well curated selection of peel and stick tiles in some of today’s most popular styles including Carrara marble, quatrefoiland classic subway tiles.

These quality tiles are packaged in sheets that you can easily cut to size with a razor or box cutter. They stay in place without damaging the underlying surface. Then just peel off when you’re ready to move or change things up. Nobody will be able to tell the difference between peel and stick and regular tiles.

Add an interesting focal point with wallpaper

Tiles aren’t the only thing you can stick on. Peel and stick wallpaper is easy to apply with patience and time. temporary has many beautiful options in every style from designers like The Novogratz, Bobby Berk and Cynthia Rowley. Peel and stick wallpaper can be used for an entire room or even just an accent wall in a bedroom, bathroom or home office. Children’s rooms are particularly good for peel and stick wallpaper, as the style changes as they grow.

Tempaper also recently launched an adorable line of wall decals including a Lightning Theme. Bigger kids can even put these on their own walls.

However, if you want a more challenging project, consider installing a regular wallpaper.

A Street Prints (WallPops’ sister company) has many lovely options with collections from Scott Living and Terence Conran, among others.

repaint walls

Color can have a big impact, however Lime wash color by Portola can take a room to a whole new level. This type of color gives a room a rich look reminiscent of a Mediterranean hotel, with color variations that traditional paint cannot offer. It can be applied to many different surfaces including drywall, plaster, brick, cement and stucco.

Remember that Lime Wash needs to be applied with a brush, not a roller. “Brushing the lime wash helps achieve the soft, mottled look. Two coats of Lime Wash should be applied in overlapping brush strokes. It’s important to keep a wet edge as you work to avoid overlap lines. And always tune in when you go,” says Jamie Davis, co-founder of Portola Paints & Glazes.

This color should also be sealed in high-traffic areas such as kitchens, hallways or bathrooms. “Portola sells a product called Matte Wall Sealer, which is a semi-matte, protective clear coat that gives Lime Wash a nice washable skin,” he says.

Paint trims and moldings

Another great way to use paint is to skip the entire wall and just paint the trim around the doors and trim. This can work in any room. It’s also an easier project than painting an entire wall. Just make sure to use plenty of masking tape.

Then choose a semi-gloss paint or a paint specially formulated for this purpose such as ECOS Non-Toxic Order, cabinet and furniture paints. Choosing a light shade like pink, black, or blue can make crown molding pop and create a completely different look.

Change the lighting fixtures

There’s nothing that flatters a room less than an outdated light fixture. So swap out fixtures that are easy to install yourself. For example the Jamie Young Shoreline pendant light by Paynes Gray easily brings a more contemporary style to a room.

It looks great in a dining room or even in a kitchen. The seagrass adds coastal charm and brings the outdoors inside which we all need now. Just be careful and read the instructions before installing any light.


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