Double Knot Home remodels a kitchen in Worthington

Rob McCarthy has always had a soft spot for mid-century homes. He grew up in Worthington in a 1950s house with Midmod’s signature simple lines, geometric shapes and nature-inspired colors. As he and his wife Leslie were looking for a larger home for their growing family of five, they were delighted when their friend and interior designer Jess Bodamer spotted one near his childhood home. Together they renovated the interior, with most of the work concentrating on the kitchen. The room is now open, works better, and has been updated with some fresh twists in mid-mod vibes.

“Growing up, my parents had a lot of mid-century flair,” says Rob. “And now it’s back in fashion with our generation.” While Leslie was a fan, she was hesitant to embrace an all-encompassing, mid-century modern home.

“Jess hit the right note,” she says.

The McCarthys and Bodamer became friends while studying law together at Ohio State University 15 years ago. After starting out as a criminal defense attorney, Bodamer decided to switch careers to interior design and opened her business, Double Knot Home. In 2019, she welcomed the opportunity to reconnect with the McCarthys as they began searching for a larger home for their growing family.

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