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The next step in inner city revitalization

The Draper development presentation and discussion at Tuesday’s study session was encouraging from a community building perspective. This project appears to be a clear win for Loveland as a whole. Although some details have yet to be negotiated and decided, I am glad that the whole council seems to support the clean-up project. It simultaneously addresses housing, parking, and downtown improvements while honoring the historical aspects of the greatness of Fourth and Lincoln before it tumbled into the abyss over the decades.

The developers have done a great job of articulating their vision and it’s refreshing to see the full Council behind this project, even as they study the funding details. Let’s hope this is the next step in the right direction for the downtown revitalization that will benefit our community for decades to come.

Nick Roe

love country

The US should push for peace with Russia

OK folks, in Loveland so far it looks like the Ukrainians are doing better in their war with Putin. Historically, Ukraine was a part of the Russian Empire. It may not be popular to say such a thing, but it’s still the truth. 1,000 years ago, Kyiv was repeatedly the capital of the Empire of the Russian Federation. The Mongols ended that in the 1200s. That’s probably where Putin comes from. I don’t agree, but maybe that’s what he thinks.

Right now is by far the most dangerous time. The time between the defeat of a nuclear superpower by a weaker rival in a civil war of ideas. And the madness of their leader Vladimir Putin. Putin may imagine himself to be Vladimir the Great Version 2. Now might not be the time to push him too far with too much pressure. Now is the time to push for peace. Or to give Putin a way out of his ultimate fate. Where can Putin go when everything collapses? From where? If NATO pushes too hard, too fast, and doesn’t allow a way out, then Putin might do something like the big “so what.” So what? Well then, just rock it and totally burned earth on the way out. Including nuclear weapons everywhere.

Our leaders in the US must push for peace. NATO is a complete joke. NATO are Central American farm boys using American guns and American blood and treasure. No country in Europe will fight, die and send its youngsters home in body bags. je. In reality, NATO does not exist.

The US must press for peace immediately.

Thomas Pott

love country

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