Easy Get It Done Virtual Home – Take the Tour

Most of us have a list of home projects that we’ve put off for months (or maybe even years). Grab a pen – it’s time to tick those “one day” tasks off your to-do list! To motivate you to finally complete those home projects, we created the Get It Done Virtual Home 2022. In collaboration with YouSee Studio, we have “built” a two-storey colonial style that you can visit directly from your computer. It will inspire you to reorganize your pantry, remodel your bathroom (no remodeling needed), decorate those blank walls, and more.

To tour the virtual home, click the Enter Tour button above. Once you get to the house, click on the arrow to go inside. Click and drag to rotate 360 ​​degrees in space. In each room, you’ll notice lightbulb icons highlighting any bright ideas in the room – click on the lightbulb and you’ll find tips, guides, and where to buy so you can incorporate those tips and projects into your own home. Once you’ve explored the room, click on the arrows to move to the next one. You can also navigate through the house by clicking on “Rooms” or “Floor Plan” on the bottom left of the screen.

You can take this virtual tour anywhere – but when you’re done, we hope you take these ideas home with you. Perhaps the fireplace facelift in the living room will inspire you to upgrade your own. You might learn how to de-lint your upholstered sofa. You might even figure out how to hide those unsightly TV cables. Let the ideas in this virtual house improve your real home.

If clearing out the clutter is high on your priority list, here’s how to organize every area of ​​your home, from the pantry to the bedroom closet.

Do you want to refresh your home without an expensive remodel? Find low lift ideas to upgrade your bathroom, kitchen and more.

Plants for privacy and attractiveness

Whether you want plants to enhance the appeal of your home or add privacy to the garden, make this the time to (finally!) plant the garden you’ve been dreaming of for years.

Sarah Rinehart Fleischer is a Brooklyn-based interior designer specializing in bright, fresh and playful homes – with eclectic patterns and rooted in tradition. Their designs are guided by the core belief that interiors should be beautiful, functional and truly inhabited – with nothing too precious to be truly enjoyed. srfinteriors.com

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