Elevate your home with these home improvement ideas

Do-it-yourself is the taste of the decade, so to speak; The continued rise in property prices across the UK has prompted many homeowners to opt for upgrading their existing property rather than scouring the market for an upgrade. There are many ways you can upgrade your home, but the following offer the most important improvements at a reasonable price.

Decorate your windows

Your home’s windows are easily overlooked when it comes to home improvement. Aside from the occasional succulent or flower pot on the windowsill, windows are otherwise well left alone — but the right decorating can revolutionize any space’s relationship with the natural light and views it receives. In particular, making sure your bay windows are well dressed can bring a space to life – and also provide you with unique storage solutions you might not have counted on.

Update your devices

There’s a lot of talk about major overhauls to kitchen and bathroom spaces, whether it’s flooring or new tiling, but the upgrades that will have the biggest impact on your day-to-day life are much more specific. By taking care of your interior, you can greatly improve the things you use every day, both aesthetically and functionally.

Faucets and showerheads are a good place to start, with new designs that give your space a sleeker, more sophisticated feel — and modern options that offer instant boiling water for faster cooking in the kitchen. Ditto for your outlets and light switches, which can be so much more than the drab white plastic that adorns most homes.

Smart technology

Smart technology is the craze gripping UK households at the moment, as futuristic products that were once science fiction – or incredibly expensive – are now available at a reasonable price in popular consumer stores. The most well-known example of smart technology in the home right now is probably the smart speaker, best exemplified by Amazon’s Alexa range. These Bluetooth speakers are voice-controlled assistants in disguise that can do everything from reading recipes to controlling the lights in your home.

Speaking of which, many of your home systems can now be app controlled with the right upgrades. Perhaps most useful in terms of home functionality is controlling your thermostat – allowing you to preheat your home after returning from work, or heat specific rooms with the touch of a screen.

The nature, In

The contemporary obsession with houseplants is well documented – but the effect a little foliage can have on your home is undeniable. Even the simplest inclusion of succulents and cacti on mantels and windowsills can add much-needed color to a room.

But since maximalism is a key aesthetic in the 2020s, the bigger the better. Tall palm plants can be trained to arch over doorways, and hanging plants can be draped over shelves and around corners. Low-maintenance plants like air plants mean you can improve your home with little impact on your life.

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