Best 7 Employee GPS Tracking Apps

gps tracking apps

we’re going to take a look at some of the best employee GPS tracking apps available. All right. So if job sites and travel are part of your business, then you’ve probably thought about how handy it would be to be able to track an employee’s location and the hours they’re working at the same time.

Whether you run a construction business, a landscaping or cleaning company, a delivery service, or any other business that has staff out in the field, it’s important for you to know where your people are so you can dispatch team members properly and get work done right. So let’s go ahead and jump into these seven employee GPS tracking apps that will help you manage your crew and run your business more smoothly.

Best GPS tracking apps For Employee

The first app on our list is one we’re just a tad partial to and that is Hubstaff. We provide you with incredibly accurate GPS location services and geofences. With Hubstaff, you also have access to an easy-to-use mobile app that’s available on both iOS and Android, and with automatic reporting, payroll integrations, and productivity monitoring, it’s an all-in-one business tool.

The free iOS and Android apps allow you to see time spent in transit versus time spent at a job or client site. This helps give you a clearer picture of how your team works. Now to make things even easier, you can add customized job sites in Hubstaff so time tracking will automatically start and stop as a team member enters or leaves a location.

Also, Hubstaff integrates with over 30 other popular business software like QuickBooks, Salesforce, TransferWise and much more. And finally, Hubstaff offers premium features starting at $10 a user per month. Number two on our list is Timesheet Mobile, available on both iOS and Android. This app can track employee work time and location from anywhere and it also gives you real-time syncing to an employer portal so you can always get an idea of where your employees are at any specific time.

Another cool feature is the ability to capture mileage for expense reports. Pricing wise it comes in at $3.49 per employee for unlimited punches and $14.99 for a company subscription. Next is Labor Sync and this is a multi-lingual cloud-based app that lets you track your workforce from anywhere. You’ll be able to see which job sites your crew is at, where they are when they clock in and out, and an interactive map that lets you monitor their workday.

And with batch entries, not every employee needs their own smartphone because multiple team members can be tracked with one device. It also has a messaging feature so employees can be notified of any meetings or scheduled changes. And for pricing, Labor Sync starts at $10 a user per month. HoursTracker has automatic overtime, location awareness, tags, and filters.

gps tracking apps

Users can also be notified when it’s time to leave so you can set an expected number of hours per day for them to work and receive an alert whenever they approach the end of that allotted time. A notification 15 minutes prior helps employees know when it’s time to clock out for the day. Finally, you can also choose to receive notifications when someone arrives or leaves an area.

And HoursTracker is free to download GPS tracking apps and comes in at $9.99 for the Pro Edition. Number five on our list is TSheets and this app offers an intuitive experience when you’re clocking in and out, changing job codes, or performing any other time tracking and management actions on the go. Its background synchronization technology and enhanced GPS tracking apps functionality are optimized so that TSheets won’t drain your device’s battery.

Plus the app continuously syncs so you never have to worry about losing your data if your connection suddenly cuts out. TSheets can also generate a convenient map of activity for the day so it’s easy to see where a user has been. Pricing comes in at $5 a month per user and a $20 base fee for up to 99 users.

Next is Timr, and Timr is a GPS tracking apps  who tracks your working time and project time on the go. While Timr’s, web application focuses on time tracking their mobile app can also handle GPS tracking apps. The web and mobile apps also continuously sync automatically so users are always working with the same data. Compared to some of the other apps on this list, Timr is more lightweight and lacks some of the business-focused features that other apps have.

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As far as pricing goes, it starts at about $8.87 a month per user. And the final app on our list is Gleeo, which provides efficient time tracking and location monitoring services. Their user interface is optimized for devices with touchscreens so users can bounce from one page to another easily. It makes time-tracking easy and simplifies reports, which are so easy to view and access that you can check them out when you’re on the move and you can also export reports via Bluetooth or email.

Gleeo allows unlimited projects and tasks per project, as well as an animated timeline that will show you what a user is doing. Gleeo also offers an app called Automagic, which lets users automate location-based and time-based tracking as well as allowing them to send out reminders. And for pricing, this app starts at $2.

50 a month per user. And there you have it, seven of the best employee GPS tracking apps around. All of them will be linked right down below. And if you have any questions,

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