Expo Home Improvement Bathroom Remodels: Where style and safety meet

A local business since 2006, Expo Home Improvement knows that the heart of every Texas home is family. They understand better than the national chains what replacement windows, doors and shower solutions are right for Texas and our unique climate.

“At Expo Home Improvement, our heart is a bold part of our brand and we are proud to wear it on our chest every day as a symbol of our commitment to you. The heart symbolizes our team’s promise to stay true to our core values ​​of integrity, excellence and service – in every home project entrusted to us. So you have our pledge to serve with love, as Expo Home Improvement is truly a company that loves you too,” said Amanda McDaniel.

McDaniel is Marketing Manager at Expo Home Improvement. She joined Studio 512 co-host Stephanie Gilbert to talk about the need for a bathroom update, especially when it comes to safety concerns. She also mentioned a special offer for Studio 512 viewers — the first 25 callers get $500 off each project in addition to the current monthly deals.

Tell us what products and services do you specialize in at Expo Home Improvement?

“Since 2006 we have specialized in window replacement, door replacement, bathroom renovation and shower renovation! We’ve served over 19,000 Texas homes and families with these services and products, so we know better than the national chains what’s best for a Texas home! We’d love to come by and take a look at your space to see how we can help improve it!”

We are going to talk about bathroom remodeling projects today. Amanda, we know people love updating their bathrooms to freshen up the look, but what other reasons do your customers receive bathroom updates?

“We transform bathrooms into beautiful new spaces for clients, but for some people, updating their bathroom is a real need! Perhaps an older family member is moving in and is concerned about the accessibility of your bathtub space, or sometimes we have clients who have just had major surgery like a knee or hip replacement and cannot get their leg over a high tub. We also have customers who require a comfortable seat in their shower or a lower threshold to enter the shower. Or maybe you’re getting older and want to be able to live independently without the fear of slipping in the bath or shower. Here at Expo Home Improvement, our design consultants will work with you to build the shower that meets all your needs!”

So if someone needs a tub-to-shower conversion, how quickly can this project be completed?

“We have many color and style options to choose from here at Expo Home Improvement but when a customer selects one of our many stock options we are able to plan the install date more quickly and the best part is for most projects, it only takes a day to install! We want to make your renovation simple and efficient, so you don’t have to go without a bathroom for long and can be confident that you’ll soon be having a safer bathing or showering experience.”

How do I make an appointment?

“It’s easy to make an appointment! All you have to do is scan the QR code [on the video] or visit our website and fill in your information; You can schedule your own appointment or call 512-595-7517 and one of our planning agents can schedule an appointment for you to meet with one of our experienced design consultants!”

Studio 512 viewers get $500 off each project in addition to their monthly special. Just be one of the first 25 to call 512-595-7517. Visit ExpoHomeImprovement.com to learn more.

This segment is paid for by Expo Home Improvement and is intended as an advertisement. The opinions of the guests on this show are solely those of the guests and are not endorsed by this television channel.


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