Farmhouse living room ideas – design, decor and color advice

Farmhouse living room ideas don’t need you to live in an actual farmhouse. This is a state of mind, not an invitation to move to a rural area. Appreciation for the current farmhouse decor trend isn’t fading anytime soon, and we can see why. Relaxed, unfussy and inviting, this contemporary take on country style fits into almost any home – from new build and architect designed homes to historic buildings and modernist homes.

Neither overly decorative nor overly minimalist, this fresh update on farmhouse style combines rustic touches with an understated aesthetic. These living room ideas eschew ornate details in favor of more practical nods to rural interior design. The look draws heavily on laid-back California style, allowing mid-century furniture to feel right at home in a modern farmhouse living room, as do bold stone fireplaces, vintage textiles, and Shaker-inspired designs.

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