FCT Area Council Sports Officers praise handball chairman Renovation of handball court, formation of a fan club

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By Amaechi Agbo

Sports officials from the Federal Capital Territory Area Council have commended the FCT Handball Association’s pragmatic initiatives in transforming FCT’s Area 10 handball court.

Sport officials, while making the statement during a hearing with the FCT Handball Association board on April 5, commended board chairman Ambassador Edward Olutoke for his visionary leadership.

The sports officers of the Kwali, Kuje, Bwari, Gwagwalada and AMAC councils expressed their hope that the current board will bring a turn to handball in the FCT

In his speech, Egbunu Jacob, Sports Officer of Bwari Area Council, said the negotiations were timely and fruitful.

Converted FCT handball field with fan grandstand

“I want to thank the chairman and the board today for this great union. We have seen your commendable mark in office within a few months. The conversion of the FCT handball court is very commendable. I have no doubt that this board is the best that has ever happened to FCT Handball,” he said.

For his part, Mr. Peter Samson, AMAC Sports Officer of the Abuja Municipal Area Council, commended the Board for its pragmatic initiatives and the establishment of the Supporters Club, which he believes is the first in the sport

“Today’s gathering is a manifestation of the pragmatic leadership on the Board championed by the able Chair, Ambassador Edward Olutoke.

“In just a few months in office, you single-handedly redesigned the FCT handball field and also founded the FCT handball fan club. The first of its kind in the sport,” he said.

FCT Handball Supporters Club at its unveiling in Abuja in February

However, they detailed their various challenges in developing and promoting handball in their areas, including lack of funds, lack of space for training, and lack of sponsorship to host competitions

On behalf of the FCT Handball Federation Board, the Chairman, Ambassador Edward Olutoke, thanked the Sport Officers for accepting the invitation and stressed that the meeting was a productive one.

“I would like to thank you all for accepting this invitation. I appreciate the respect you have shown us. We also appreciate your praise. They encouraged us to do more and we will do that,” he said.

Regarding the challenges handball is facing at the different area councils, Ambassador Olutoke promised that the board would work in synergy with the sports officers for the development of handball in the hinterland.

“The problems you mentioned are obvious. We won’t leave you behind. We will work in synergy for the development of handball throughout the FCT.

“We support you in further developing handball in your region. We encourage you to do your best as well and think outside the box as we create synergies to further develop the game across your various councils.

“I also encourage you to keep in touch with us. Whatever challenges you face, let us know. At the same time, try to organize competitions in your councils. By doing this you create awareness and we will support you,” he said.

The sports officers from the five area councils of AMAC, Kwali, Bwari, Kuje and Gwagwalada were present while Abaji registered his absence.

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