Five sustainable furnishing tips for your new home

If you are a new homeowner that Mammoth task to decorate your residence can feel slightly intimidating. The plethora of colors, upholstery, and lighting options may seem overwhelming, not to mention the environmental impact each of these products has.

So if you care about your carbon footprint and the environment and want your home to reflect those ideals, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on to learn about some smart and sustainable decorating options for your new home that will make you stand out as the coolest homeowner on the block.

Energy saving lighting

Energy-efficient lighting reduces electricity consumption. (Source: Representative Image/Pexels)

Before deciding on a lighting theme for your home, Consider choosing energy efficient products. The introduction of intelligent controls such as light dimmers and timers also saves electricity. Timers are extremely efficient as they automatically turn off lights when not in use, while dimmers are handy for controlling ambient lighting.

vintage furniture

vintage furniture Choose a chest of drawers or an old closet and decorate it however you like! (Source: Representative Image/Pexels)

Nothing is more environmentally friendly than waste prevention and making sure that an old piece of furniture does not end up in landfill. Choose old or vintage furniture for your new home to give it a traditional vibe. Likewise, You can easily convert old pieces converted to contemporary with some paint coats and minor repairs. Visit your local furniture and thrift stores for great deals on old wood pieces that are available at throwaway prices rather than investing in a plastic product.

Sustainable materials

home decor (1) Sustainable materials can be used for curtains, curtains and sheets. (Source: Representative Image/Pexels)

Whether you are looking for a new rug, curtains, flower vase or wall hanging, consider going for sustainable or natural materials such as jute, organic cotton, bamboo or cane. Not only do they set your home apart in terms of design, but they also make you feel good The carbon footprint is reduced to a minimum.

Timeless designs instead of trends

When decorating your first home, think about choosing designs, themes, and color palettes that will stand the test of time. Neutral colors, earth tones and pastels, for example, work incredibly well because these Tones rarely collide with each other or with other decorative pieces. When choosing paint, choose ones that do not contain toxins and are environmentally friendly.

Encourage your green thumb

One of the best ways to ensure your Home feels alive and rejuvenated has the presence of green around. Plants are great decorative additions as they will breathe new life into your space for a quarter of the price. If you’re one of those people who is intimidated by gardening, consider choosing plants that require little maintenance, such as succulents, ivy or a bamboo tree.

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