FlexFinish: Introducing revolutionary home updates through resurfacing

FlexFinish introduces a hassle-free way to remodel kitchens and bathrooms through refinishing, reducing time and costs for homeowners.

Home remodeling projects have always been a source of frustration for homeowners as they massively disrupt their daily routines. Kitchen and bathroom remodels used to take up to 10 weeks or even longer, leaving homeowners in a mess and family commutes uncomfortable for months. FlexFinish offers revolutionary refinishing services that take a weekend to create a brand new space.

The FlexFinish team believes that quality home updates shouldn’t be misplaced by homeowners for weeks or months in their own homes; It should be a quick and painless weekend surgery that will leave your space looking fresh and new. “We’ve streamlined the process to give you the best results and experience.” In addition to saving time, FlexFinish offers a solution to modernizing rooms at a fraction of the cost of a traditional remodel. FlexFinish also ensures homeowners don’t have construction crews in and out of their home for months; Instead, they work with a large professional team that gets the job done in an average of three days.

FlexFinish replaces only what is needed, including body painting and resurfacing to reduce turnaround time. The FlexFinish case painting is meticulously done by first cleaning and sanding the surfaces using a special case paint that is scratch resistant and lasts longer. “Whether you’re looking to maximize the value of your home or enjoy your daily routines at home, we’re uniquely positioned to help you transform your space with refinishing in a fraction of the time and cost.”

Essentially, the FlexFinish route allows people to update their homes within budget, with package prices starting at $7,000 for bathrooms and $13,000 for kitchens. The Chicago cabinet refinishing company is revolutionizing home updates in the area and is quickly becoming a pioneer in quality craftsmanship in refinishing.

FlexFinish professionals start by understanding a client’s vision for their space and budget, then provide a timely and unique solution. Work can begin immediately upon agreement and resurfacing will be completed within a weekend. “Resurfacing allows us to transform spaces much faster, which allows us to quickly transform your space without having to cut corners so you can bring life back to and enjoy the spaces you use most.”

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