Former Ridgefield resident Timmy Davis, 25, has died

Timothy Patrick Davis – October 24, 1996 – April 15, 2022 – 25 years young

It is with deep sadness that we mourn the loss of our dear son, brother and stepson, Timothy Patrick Davis. After a long and brave battle with addiction, he finally succumbed to the disease from an accidental overdose. Words cannot express how much we will miss him but we are at peace that he is no longer in pain and is in heaven in the arms of our Lord.

Timmy was born in Ridgefield, Connecticut and spent his early years there until we moved to Austin, Texas. He enjoyed his rural backyard with his sister, friends and parents. He loved everything to do with sports, animals and nature. When he caught his first fish in the backyard pond, he held it up with real pride and was determined to unhook it himself. He loved chasing his mother and sister with large bullfrogs he caught in the same pond. He adopted several wounded birds and even a mouse that he nursed back to health.

Timmy seemed to have an endless group of dogs to play with, whether they were his or someone else’s. He knew the names of every dog ​​in the neighborhood he grew up in, and they knew him too! He adored his faithful dog, Scooby; They played, swam and slept together.

On his 8th birthday, Timmy had a farm animal party that he talked about for years. He loved to skateboard and ride his bike around the neighborhood. He excelled at lacrosse, soccer, and ice hockey; He was so happy that one day he kicked three 30-yard field goals.

We remember him coming home from soccer practice that summer and gorging on huge steaks afterwards. Playing the drums was another of Timmy’s favorite hobbies. He attended the middle school talent show where he had a 5 minute slot but veered into a very thunderous drum solo that only lasted a minute and left the audience stunned!

He attended schools in Lake Travis, TX and fell in love with Texas and the laid-back culture of Austin. He rode scooters and walked the trails downtown, where he adopted another dog (Scarlett) from the animal shelter. He also developed a taste for southern foods such as fried chicken, barbecue, and biscuits and gravy. He even had a tattoo of the state of Texas on his leg.

He worked as an apprentice builder remodeling homes where he acquired skills in carpentry, plumbing and demolition. He felt pride and a sense of accomplishment in his work, rebuilding, remodeling, and rehabilitating homes.

Growing up, he always dreamed of having a little brother and with the birth of his brother Connor in 2018, he finally got that wish. Connor was the joy and light in Timmy’s life; Timmy was Connor’s hero. They were inseparable, whether it was sitting in Timmy’s car playing music, firing Connor’s first Nerf gun, reading stories, or just having brotherly wrestling matches. “Where’s Timmy?” was Connor’s all-too-frequent cry and it’s still going on now.

Timmy’s sister Emily was the first audience for his playful personality. He would always look for a way to make her smile and laugh. He entertained her all his life and while his crazy antics were a lot to bear at times, he was the only one who could make her burst out laughing. Timmy was also a strong defender of Emily and was happy to remind her that his tough side was available should she ever need it. As they grew up, Timmy preferred to be her BIG brother and she always knew that if she ever got into trouble, he would support her.

For the past year, Timmy has been living with both of his parents, his little brother Connor, his stepmother Kate and Michael, his mother’s fiancé, which has allowed him to see his sister Emily more often. This time was cherished by both Timmy and his family who are grateful for the fond memories.

Timmy was blessed with charm, a quick wit, beautiful blue eyes, the best hugs and a beautiful smile that could melt your heart. You would never find Timmy in old smelly clothes. He was never without a good haircut, flossed teeth, fresh breath and a nice perfume.

He had a keen sense of humor and could hold court like a standup comic. Everyone who knew him called him smart, hilarious, cute and goofy. He made everyone he met laugh while being respectful to everyone. He was always able to make an accurate impression of everyone he met; He made it after just one meeting and mastered the voice, body language and facial expressions of everyone he met, causing friends and family to burst out laughing at this chance talent.

Timmy is survived by father Tom Davis, stepmother Kate Davis and brother Connor Davis of Dripping Springs, TX, and mother Christine O’Brien of Austin, TX and her fiancé Michael Shirk of Austin TX, and sister Emily Davis of Austin TX. He was predeceased by his grandparents Jack and Claire Davis of Stratford CT and Marilyn and Sylvester O’Brien of Tappan NY. He is also survived by numerous aunts, uncles and cousins ​​on both sides and many friends.

Timmy gave us memories that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. He had a tender heart and brought everyone a big laugh. He was taken from all of us far too soon. We want everyone to know that we believe substance abuse is nothing to be ashamed of or to hide. It is a disease that must be exposed and fought by all. Our Timmy fought bravely and so did we. We believe Timmy is at peace, but the void left by his beautiful presence will never diminish. We will love and miss him more than anyone can ever believe. We trust that we will be reunited with him.

Timmy would ask that you remember him in the good times, laugh and smile when you think of him, and know that he loves you and is watching over you from above.

Over the past year that Tim has been back in Austin, his family has received amazing support from the Winning the Fight organization (WTF – learn more here). WTF helped Timmy and his family get the support and resources to help with his recovery. In lieu of flowers or other offerings, please consider making a contribution to the WTF to help others who are still struggling. Click here.

The family kindly asks that you consider donating to WTF via flowers or planting a tree

Read the full obituary here.


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