Fort Worth offers many fun ways to get involved in Earth Day – welcome to the city of Fort Worth

Released April 18, 2022

Earth Day 2022 is celebrated worldwide on Friday, April 22ndon the topic Invest in our planet. What will you do?

Check out this list of Earth Day events, activities and actions in Fort Worth that individuals and organizations can take to make a difference.

Celebrate water conservation

Water conservation is an important part of any Earth Day celebration. Limited supplies and a rapidly growing population mean it is important to conserve and protect water to ensure clean, affordable drinking water is available to all Fort Worth residents now and in the future.

April is Sprinkler Spruce Up Month. Up to half of the water consumption in summer takes place outdoors. Join Earth Day by getting your lawn’s sprinkler system in tip-top shape to maximize water savings this summer.

Fort Worth Water and Rooted In created a series of irrigation system videos to walk residents through the process. Learn the basics in eight short videos, starting with parts and controllers, followed by quick fixes and best management practices, advanced topics like cycle, soak, and drip irrigation. The series ends with healthy landscape tips and system hibernation.

The video series is available on Save Fort Worth Water or on YouTube.

Learn more about the earth in the library

As a discovery destination, the Fort Worth Public Library is a place for learners of all ages. Check out these upcoming Earth Day events:

  • Plant a seed. Help the environment and make your home greener. Decorate clay pots and plant seedlings to watch them grow. This program, designed specifically for teenagers, takes place at the Wedgwood Library 4-5pm Wednesday 20 April and in the central library 4-5pm Friday 22 April.
  • Upcycled t-shirt pockets. Don’t throw away the old t-shirt. Give it a new purpose. To honor Earth Day, turn old shirts into a seamless tote bag. Bring your own shirt for this project. This program is designed for adults, but older teens may also enjoy it 4-5pm Friday 22 Aprilin the Northwest Library.
  • Make your own terrarium. Presented by Ephemera Terrariens, this course includes step-by-step instructions and all the materials needed to create a terrarium, including a decorating station with lots of fun ideas. Care instructions and contact information for long-term plant support are also provided. This program is aimed at adults 4-5pm Thursday 21 Aprilin the central library.
  • Earth Day celebration. Bring family and friends to celebrate planet earth. Learn how you can do your part to keep the earth alive with fun recycled crafts. This program is for children in grades Kindergarten through Five. Join the fun 4-5pm Friday 22 Aprilin the Ridglea Library.

View all of the library’s programs for Earth Day.

The composting program for food waste in private households is being expanded

Through the municipal food waste composting program, residents can turn even more waste into resources rather than garbage by collecting leftover food to be processed into compost, a rich soil nutrient. Most foods can be composted: fruits and vegetables including peel and seeds, bread and other baked goods, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, egg shells, cooked meat and bones, and all leftover food, to name a few.

The composting program, which started in 2019, has recently added new locations, bringing the total to 15 collection points. The new pages:

  • Chisholm Trail Park, 4680 McPherson Blvd.
  • Walsh Community Garden, 13749 Makers Way.
  • Golden Triangle Library, 4264 Golden Triangle Blvd.

For a fee of $20, subscribers receive a starter kit that includes a kitchen countertop bucket, 5-gallon transfer bucket, fridge magnet, and educational resources.

To learn more, contact Flavia Paulino via email or at 817-392-7220.

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