Furnishing ideas for the home office 2022: The top articles from the furnishing experts


Those of us who have been working from home for almost two years all have slightly different feelings about it. But there’s one thing we can all agree on: remote working is a convenient excuse to redecorate. “There has never been a better time to create a space that inspires and motivates you every day, but is also based on practicality,” says interior designer and author Athena Calderone BAZAAR.com.

For fresh ways to decorate a home office, we turned to some of our favorite interior design experts. Her 14 tips add a sleek (and practical) touch to your workspace, whether you’re answering Zoom calls from a dedicated study or a corner of your living room. Claude Home tastemaker Maggie Holladay and Arjé Home co-founder Bessie Afnaim Corral propose elegant sofas and chairs to unleash creativity. For the ultra-organized among us, three experts recommend upscale desk accessories to keep loose notes and pens in order. Whatever your 9-to-5 setup is missing, the desks, chairs, colors and decorations will fill the gap in style.

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Pari Petite Square table lamp

“Lighting is key for a home office. The right lighting can create a sculpture, change the mood of the room and also help you with your work. The Petite Pari table lamp from my collection has a minimalist and bold architectural body that has a strong graphic presence .Fitted with an enclosed linen shade, it also creates soft, diffused lighting for your workspace.” — Kelly Wearstler, interior designer

“As much as I try to be ‘device-lite,’ the reality is that between Material, my daughters and my husband, I’m constantly checking my phone to catch all my alerts and notifications while also beautifying my workspace.” — Eunice Byun, co-founder of Material

“I’m a visual person at heart, so I love being surrounded by images when I’m working on a project – and yes, that means the old-school process of clipping inspo and pinning it to bulletin boards! But when I couldn’t find boards that matched my desired aesthetic, I put on my DIY cap and made it myself. I received so many requests for this that I decided to film a tutorial. I’m concerned with this delicate dance between aesthetics and utility.” — Athena Calderone, interior designer

Hipso Adjustable Standing Desk

“My favorite home office device is undoubtedly the Knoll Hipso table. It’s an electric table that helps me to adjust its height very easily. I can switch from sitting to standing in an instant and with minimal effort. CEO look is great at Zooms.) The best finish is definitely “white on white” because it helps the table to blend in better in an apartment and more importantly the design looks even more elegant and minimalistic. Knoll is too a solid company with great customers I was very happy when one of the motors broke and I got a replacement right away.” — Anna Karp, designer and founder of Bolster

“I just finished decorating my new home office. It feels incredible to have a space dedicated to me and my work. I like to keep my surroundings clean and tidy as it makes me feel more productive. Love our leather cord holder and Felt catchall tray They elevate my workspace whilst being very functional I’m always a fan of keeping it cozy so I drape a warm throw over the back of my chair in case I get cold I love the little ones Details really make a difference.” — Ariel Kaye, founder of Parachute Home

Louxor Black pencil holder

“One of my absolute favorite pieces in my home office is the Baccarat Luoxor black pen holder. I was looking for new accessories for my home and when I saw it I was immediately convinced that I had to have it. It’s made from glamorous black crystal and comes in this geometric design that will add a touch of luxury to my office decor. It’s also an item worth the investment and I know it will be a part of my home for years to come.” — Kelley Carter, Home Fashion Director at Bloomingdale’s

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

“I usually use an unconventional workspace depending on the work I have planned. Sometimes I work at my dining table, but when I need to concentrate I’m sitting at my Ludwig Mies van der Rohe daybed. It’s the perfect size and place for me to do my work and is my corner of inspiration.” — Maggie Holladay, founder of Claude Home

Bigso Stockholm post boxes

“We often use a combination of The Container Store’s Elfa system and Bigso boxes to create personalized desk systems. This is an excellent option as any random wall or unused space can be turned into an efficient command center. Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, the Bigso boxes work to keep files, random papers, and office supplies within reach while hiding unsightly clutter. — Kate Pawlowski, co-founder of Done & Done Home

The Enzo Shearling Chair and Ottoman

“Since our days working from home can be very long, the trick for me to stay inspired throughout the day is to change my location from morning to afternoon to early evening. As soon as the sun goes down, we have a tradition at home, no matter what time we work, to make our space more cozy and comfortable. I immediately retreat to the Enzo Chair and Ottoman, a piece we recently designed for our newly launched Arjé Home. The Shearling Chair has the perfect incline to sit comfortably and continue to take calls, catch up on my emails, or get creative with whatever digital design I have for the day. Switching from sitting upright at the table to relaxing in a chair can make all the difference on a long day and I often feel best about it. Work gets done from this seat – also known as ‘the throne’ in our home!” — Bessie Afnaim Corral, co-founder of Arjé Home

“I’m a Virgo who craves organization, so I like to keep my home office minimal and neutral. Inspired by this amazing vintage table of mine, the Newport Desk is by far my favorite piece of office furniture. It’s polished yet functional and gives my space an upscale feel.” — Jenni Kayne, founder of Jenni Kanye

“I recently moved and set up a new home office, and the first thing I did was paint. There’s no better Zoom background than the perfect color! This soft and airy teal hue brings a sense of calm to any room and really brightens up my work day.” — Nicole Gibbons, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Clare

Mid-Century Italian Bar Cart

“My bar cart was the ultimate piece in our home office. I embellished it and made it an amazing happy hour (from home) experience with all my favorite pretty bottles. I used a mix of vintage Gucci cocktail glasses. I’ve always wanted to emulate my favorite bars, which unfortunately I don’t visit that often. It’s a nice reminder at the end of the day to take a break and pour yourself a glass of rosé.” — Tiffany Howell, director and interior designer of Night Palm

Presidential Edition desk set

“I would recommend investing in a good leather desk set for 2022. A reasonable place setting always promotes a productive day. With these sets from Lucrin you can add elements that match the size of your workspace. I personally have my eye on the dark green paper bowl with the calendered silk lining.” — Victoria Sass, Founder of Prospect Refuge Studio

“We recently purchased Beata Heuman’s ‘Swan Cabinet’ for our client’s home office in Brooklyn. I love the size of the piece, the delicate ribbing, and that you can match the cabinet’s shelves and sawtooth shelving system to any color of paint. It’s a distinctive free standing cabinet piece of furniture for displaying decorative objects, books, magazines – you name it.” — Keren Richter, co-founder of White Arrow

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