Furniture designers and brands with NFTs

In this day and age, most people are not familiar with fungible tokens (NFTs) or blockchain. The concept of authentic and exclusive digital assets is present in all areas of life. Be it fashion, art or real estate, the NFT market is growing rapidly. As creators are now designing “furniture NFTs,” various furniture brands are releasing their own NFTs to further elevate the market.

With a fashion week in full swing recently in the metaverse, the excitement for NFTs seems to have grown exponentially. From Bored Ape Yacht Club digital art to sports memorabilia and music records, there’s plenty to explore. Virtual furniture is one such concept that has attracted the interest of creators, and digital versions of various pieces of furniture are being sold for huge amounts.

Let’s take a look at some designers and furniture brands that are influencing the NFT world with interesting pieces of furniture.

Here are some brands and designers that have launched furniture NFTs


Image: Courtesy of 4Space Design

It’s quite striking to see the impact of blockchain-backed digital assets. A real furniture design company has actually opened a Metaverse company to help those who want to advance in this zone.

Firas Alsahin and Amjad Hourieh, co-founders of Dubai-based luxury furniture brand 4Space Design, entered the luxury business with Meta4Space to redefine their game plan and gain an edge over other architecture and furniture brands in the market. They joined OpenSea in January 2022 and launched their first line of chairs with the NFT collection titled MetaChair Society.

In an attempt to merge the real and virtual worlds, the company is giving the physical version of its chairs a technical overhaul. A completely unique 3D model of a digital chair is created for a client who can then use it in other Metaverse elements such as a virtual house, museum or showroom. AR technology, VR headsets and tools like Gravity Sketch are used to create such designs, which are nothing short of works of art.

To increase customer loyalty in this regard, the furniture brand has also added another feature, with each chair being an invitation to the company’s other services and events. In fact, in the first week of launch, six MetaChair Society NFTs traded for 2.9 Ethereum.

Speak with designwanted.comAlsahin said, “We designed a meta chair in physical form for a themed cafe in Dubai, where 4 of the designs placed in the cafe addressed customers by imagining what a cafe on Mars would look like.” The cafe with called Space Cup features these futuristic chairs that can be seen in the NFT marketplace.


Furniture NFT: Visionary
Image: Courtesy of Visionnaire

Visionnaire is a meta-luxury brand that raises the bar with fine, Italian-made interior products, seamlessly offering modern and classic interior design pieces for residential spaces, high-end hotels, luxury yachts and the aviation industry in over 55 countries.

The luxury furniture brand entered the Metaverse with Visionnaire NFT in collaboration with leading American artist Jonathan Monaghan. Introduced during Milan Art Week at the 26th edition of Miart, NFT brings the Vatican’s sculpture of Apollo del Belvedere into the digital realm. The Greek Archer symbolizes aesthetic perfection, making him the ideal figure for the Italian brand’s NFT.

According to one publication, “The life-size bust in Carrara marble, inspired by the capitonné leather typical of the furniture world, decodes antiquity by bringing back to the present the careful study of the contrasts that have made the work famous: softness and hardness , virtual and physical, past and future.” It launched on the Foundation Marketplace on March 28 and includes three video NFT teasers.

The life-size physical bust will be exhibited in the Wunderkammer in June 2022 and will be on sale on the occasion of the 60th edition of the “Salone del Mobile di Milano” together with a special NFT “plus”.

Andre Reisinger

Furniture designer who launched NFTs: Andrés Reisinger
Image: Courtesy Andrés Reisinger/ reisingerandres/ Instagram

Coveted digital artist Andrés Reisinger’s 2021 NFT auction, entitled The Shipping, brought him almost half a million in 10 minutes. The collection comprised 10 pieces of furniture and was listed on Nifty Gateway, one of the many online auction sites.

Reisinger sees his creations as both a collection of conceptual art and a collector’s item. This is what gives these NFTs their value. Recently, in March 2022, Reisinger presented his latest work entitled Sun/Leaf at Art Dubai Week. The digital artwork (dubbed Sun) included a 90 second audiovisual piece showing an animated landscape on an LED wall bordering a body of water outside the gallery. In this ‘phygital’ direction of work, one of the physical aspects (called the leaf) involved a futuristic hybrid chromed metal chair placed in the water.

While you might not be able to sit on these couches and sofas, they can interact with the NFTs by dropping them into virtual spaces like CryptoVoxels or Minecraft. They can also be explored using an augmented reality device such as a gaming platform like Unreal Engine. Working in reverse, Reisinger has teamed up with Spanish furniture brand Moooi to transform its popular NFT Hortensia Chair into a real-world entity.

Romulo Temigue

São Paulo-based architect and design geek Romulo Temigue is another name known for quirky and eclectic furniture designs. Conceptually and structurally, his designs seem absolutely unworldly. Collaborating with leading global furniture brands such as Kartell, Moooi and Vitra, its digital armchairs, table lamps and sofas have a touch of reality. With a dreamy in-game aesthetic, Temigue uses different colors and textures, as well as plexiglass-like materials to achieve the transparent look on surfaces.

Heading into the NFT world, Temigue listed his stone chair design on the Foundation Marketplace. Due to its widely appreciated hybrid digital designs and large following on social media, the 3D designs and artworks are very popular. When sold, these encrypted digital files contain all the details of the owner, purchaser, cost and more while maintaining their originality.

As an industrial designer interested in NFTs, Temigue feels that this area is still quite physical and personal in nature. People still want to touch and feel before investing in something like this. However, NFTs give him complete creative freedom to play with colors and looks and create designs that are completely unprecedented.

According to a report by, says Temigue: “This is why NFTs are so great, because there is the possibility to realize colorful ideas with any material without having to think about the manufacturing process. If that isn’t total creative freedom for a designer, then I don’t know what is.”

Misha Kahn

American furniture and decor designer Misha Kahn is a brand in her own right. Known for his bold and whimsical designs, Kahn teamed up with auction house Christie’s in 2021 to launch 10 NFT designs. The collection was called Misha Kahn: Furniture Unhinged and included biomorphic figures representing functional furniture.

The auction pieces came with their own specifications, allowing the owner to 3D print the design for a real keepsake. A 13-second animation of Kahn himself became the starting point for the NFTs, from which the designer took a specific frame to create the physical furniture pieces. This included chairs, tables, storage furniture, a bird bath and lighting.

Corresponding Wallpaper.comsays Kahn: “What really interests me about the idea of ​​selling an NFT of a design object is that you can express yourself in an object that doesn’t have to be materialized.”

Furniture brands that will launch NFTs


Brands that will launch NFTs: Dims
Image: Courtesy of Dims./@dims/Instagram

Los Angeles-based furniture startup Dims launched Logos Collection, a line of minimalist outdoor furniture created by Dutch designer Christian Heikoop, in March 2022. Building on this, the company is ready to launch an NFT collection.

Although not much is known about the crypto art, it is reported that Dims will release 2000 NFTs in different phases. The first lot has a starting price of $100 each. Dims has partnered with a service called Venly to make it easy for those unfamiliar with the NFT space and cryptocurrency trading to allow buyers to buy the digital collectibles in USD.

Each Dims NFT, a limited edition shimmering collectible GIF, comes with a permanent coupon that grants the holder a 15 percent lifetime discount on all Dims furniture and merchandise. Once purchased, holders can keep the NFTs or sell them on any open market.

Corresponding business of the houseDims Founder and CEO Eugene Kim, says: “Crypto and smart contracts had been on our radar for years, but when NFTs took center stage last year, we began to understand how some of the technology could be leveraged for our work. According to Kim, the proceeds from the NFT sale will be used to defray the engineering, tooling and prototyping costs of the furniture design.


Nomanzi will launch furniture NFTs
Image: Courtesy of Nomanzi

Nomanzi, one of the fastest growing furniture and décor brands in the Middle East, is on track to be the first brand to launch its own designs as NFTs. For this digital project, it partnered with Kaya Collection, a highly esteemed digital and physical art collection, in September 2021. Both Nomanzi and Kaya Collection were founded by Iranian entrepreneur Emir Kaya who aims to transform top Nomanzi designs into NFT furniture.

As a leading furniture brand, Nomanzi is known for its modern and elegant designs for beds, wardrobes, desks and home accessories that can transform any home into a work of art. The Kaya Collection, on the other hand, has been quite active in the field of digital art collecting. His OpenSea account shows his growing NFT collection and interest from the founder.

Emir Kaya says: “Creating synergies between Nomanzi furniture and the Kaya Collection is the result of our attitude towards objects, art and the digital world in the new era. Nowadays, products and objects that we use in our daily life should not only be a tool for our comfort or our business, but also a source of inspiration and help us to see our world in a new way.”

Hero and feature image courtesy of Nathan Fertig/ @nathanfertig/ Unsplash

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